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Don’t Make Resolutions; Set Goals

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The New Year brings the constant reminder of change. Many people mistakenly overdo their resolutions and end up going back on them. You may be asking if there is anything you can do to change this. There sure is. In this article, we are going to discuss how goal setting is more effective than making New Year’s Resolutions. This New Year don’t make resolutions; set goals!

Everyone Does It

Every year the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions come pouring out as thousands try to lose weight, quit smoking, and eat healthier. No one wants to go to battle with their former selves, so many give in before any real progress can be made. And then the old habits resume. Why would anyone have a good feeling about New Year’s Resolutions after this happens year after year? However, there’s a way to tweak Resolutions and make them work seamlessly for you.

New Year’s Resolve

Keep your New Year’s Resolve not your Resolutions! Rather than take a big leap into change, write a plan that details reasonable long term and short term goals for your resolutions. Create your resolution list, choose one behavior modification at a time, and focus on the one you choose. Then, make a list of small goals that will ultimately lead to meeting or surpassing your main goal. It will be much more enjoyable and healthy for you if you slowly acclimate yourself into a new lifestyle, rather than trying to change cold turkey. They always say a habit takes two weeks to set in. Two weeks is nothing compared to the happiness and heath you will experience as you reach milestones in your journey. Changing a bad habit can be tough, but if you take small steps and count them as goals achieved you can experience success in one day!

Make Your Plan

So, go ahead. Make out a list of things you would like to change. Then, create small, manageable goals to celebrate success every day. One example would be eating more vegetables rather than carbohydrates every day for two weeks. Then, add on more activities to help you reach your goal such as walking twice per week for two weeks. Do three times per week after two weeks. These are small but significant changes that you can celebrate every day as you get closer to your goal.

Don’t Make Resolutions; Set Goals

These ideas can work for nearly any situation or need. So, set up your plan and start succeeding today as you stop making resolutions and set goals for your New Year.

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