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How to Discover Your Purpose & Passion in Life

There are so many hobbies and interests that we could pursue within our lives that the list is nearly endless. From basketball practice to tennis lessons or even art classes, how can you begin to find your purpose and passion in life? What if you have so many interests that you are unsure of where to begin? If this is the case, then it’s time to think more about your interests and what tugs most at your heart strings. It’s time to think about something that you truly love enough that could become a life-long passion.

My Purpose & Passion Story

Personally, I have been interested in writing and music ever since I can remember. From the young age of five, I began both writing short stories and taking piano lessons. Along with this, I also developed other hobbies and interests. I tried softball and ballet in elementary school. I ran track in junior high school. I was in the band from my elementary through high school years. I was one of the top students in my school, constantly on the Honor Roll and busy with band, volunteering, tutoring, etc. I wanted to constantly be helping the greater good although I did not realize that at the time. When it came time to graduate from high school, I was still clueless about what my purpose and my passion was.

Difficult for Others With My Passion

Sure, I knew that I loved music and writing enough to make careers out of them. But how do you do that? I’d heard how difficult it was for my music teachers (I’d had a few of them) to make a decent living and to become successful in music. Therefore, becoming a music teacher was out of the question. Considering a major in music education or music performance was not going to happen at all.

Using Your Passions for a Career

After several years of working in the field of education as a professor, I have come to learn more about myself in the process. I have learned that my true passions with learning are in Psychology and Education, something that I did not learn until much later in life. I also realized that this is my one and only life, so I might as well pursue something that was meaningful to me. Although I have understood that it is not my ultimate dream to continue teaching, I believe that I was meant to work in the field of education. I have always strived for excellence academically throughout my life and feel in my heart that I could indeed provide a positive example for students to follow.

What I Truly Love I Will Pursue

When you know what you love, do not give up on it no matter how hard it may seem. I continue to play the piano; however, I now have begun singing and taking singing lessons for a few years. I also write and compose instrumentals and lyrics in music. I have also written and published two poetry books on my own. When I wanted to obtain a writing career, it was frustrating at first to get so many rejections. But then I decided that if it was meant to be that I would continue working towards it until it happened. When you truly love something, you never want to give it up. I plan on writing throughout my life as often as I can. I find it to be a very cathartic experience.

My Purpose

Although my dreams and passions are in music and writing, I also am pursuing a career in education to pay the bills. However, my primary goal is to spread love and happiness in the world as well as helping to inspire others to be authentic and live up to their full potential. Those are common themes for my life. I truly believe that music, writing, and education will help me to fulfill these aspirations.

Other Interests of Mine

Also, I have a myriad of other interests, only a few here which I will mention. I have realized that I also enjoy cooking; however, I do not want to cook professionally in a restaurant. I simply enjoy cooking for myself and my family while learning new recipes and cooking methods. Next, I enjoy photography. I feel as though it captures a story in front of us and helps us to observe what we might otherwise not see. It also helps life to slow down for a moment. I decided to buy a camera and just do this as a hobby. I will see what happens with this. Finally, I am passionate about health and wellness. I have considered pursuing a new career as a fitness instructor as a yoga and/or dance instructor. I am finally beginning to live fearlessly and authentically. I want to be proud of what I have done in my life.

Try New Things Out of Your Comfort Zone

I know my passions and purpose. I also know my hobbies can be fulfilling as well. Sometimes our career can become part of our passions and/or purpose. If I were ever to get a significant opportunity with my writing and music, I would certainly do so. When you feel a calling to do something larger than yourself that might place you out of your comfort zone, this is when life experiences both personally and professionally can help you prepare. Although teaching is not a passion, it has exposed me to being in front of an audience where I am comfortable speaking (not the same as singing, I know. But it’s a start). I also realized that I want to have a more pivotal role in education by shaping how students learn and what they are learning. I want to help build the future generations towards success. I simply do photography because it is enjoyable. Although I have not yet pursued a career as a fitness instructor, I might just go for it. If I dislike it, that’s fine, too. But at least I will know the truth and no longer wonder whether I would like it. I want to inspire people with my music, writing, education, photography, and even through health and wellness. Of course, no one has to pursue as many interests as I have. You can feel free to pursue only one or several. It is really up to you. Remember that you have the power to design your life the way that you would like it to be. You just have to find your purpose, believe in it, and let the magic happen.

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