Disco Fries

Have you ever heard of Disco Fries? They started as a favorite back in the Disco Era. Dancers would come into restaurants after a night out and order a drink and these fries; it’s a big staple in New Jersey.

Disco Fries


  1. 1 bag of frozen steak fries
  2. 15 ounce jar of Cheez Whiz or other cheese sauce
  3. Jar of your favorite gravy


  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Bake the steak fries until golden.
  2. Arrange fries on the plates
  3. Pour cheese over fries
  4. Pour gravy over cheese and fries

This is an amazing comfort food. You can use turkey, beef, or chicken gravy. If you want to use Velveeta cheese melted over your fries, that is another option. The fun things about the disco fries are you can use it for any gathering. Get some plastic cups, place the fries in the cup and pour the smooth cheese and gravy over the fries. Set them on your table for each guest. Disco Fries are versatile and delicious. I try every recipe I write about, so be sure it’s extra yummy!

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