Different New Years Resolutions You Can Make

The New Year is upon us, which means it is time to decide on your New Year resolutions. At the start of every year, I always make a list of New Year resolutions. This year, however, I struggled with making a list. So, I grabbed a pen and piece of paper and thoughtfully decided on a list of ten resolutions that would make my everyday life more positive and accomplished. The New Year begins on a Monday. You cannot get a better fresh start—a new week, a new month, and a new year. Below I share my New Year resolution ideas that I hope inspires your list!

10 New Year Resolutions

1) Let Go of the Past

I have always clung on to the past and wished I could go back in time to change certain moments of my life. Not only is this unhealthy, but it is pointless. The past is in the past. Plus, I cannot change anything and every little moment has developed me into the person I am now. For now on, I’m looking forward instead of backwards.

2) Be Yourself

There is no one more perfectly you than you. Developing self-love is vital to a happy life.

3) Read More Often

Reading opens my eyes to new ideas and helps me grow as a person. Therefore, this year I will find the time to sit down and read more regularly.

 4) Do What Makes You Happy

There have been many moments in my life where I was living for someone else. I spent countless hours focusing on making other people happy to the point where I was no longer living a happy life. With the New Year, I am developing a new mindset. I will do more of what makes me happy. I will always put effort to help others, but I will also put more focus on living my own happy life.

5) Take Up A New Hobby

Last year, I dipped my toes in the photography pool. Because of that, I found one of my most beloved hobbies. It is important to try new things, because you never know what can happen. You might just discover your passion.

6) Get Healthy

As cliché as “getting healthy” is as a New Year resolution, it is still on my list. This year I would like to focus on eating healthier and working out for my overall health.

 7) Be Present

Too often I focus on the past or what is to come. However, life is short. The future is not guaranteed. Because of that, I will start being more present and living in the moment.

8) Scratch Something New off Your Bucket List

I have a long bucket list. Many items have just been sitting on my list for years. I think it is time to scratch something new and adventurous off my bucket list. Maybe, skydiving is in my near future.

9) Travel Somewhere You Have Never Been

I caught the travel bug at a young age. I love traveling and meeting new people around the world. This year I want to travel somewhere I have never been. Who knows where I will end up, but if I am lucky, it might just be in another country!

 10) End Toxic Relationships

We all have toxic relationships in our lives. If you are living with a toxic relationship, you are being held back from obtaining true happiness and living your best life. When you end toxic relationships, you are letting go of a lot of negativity in your life.

Goodbye 2017

It is bittersweet to say goodbye to 2017. For me, it was a year filled with new places, people, and goals. However, I am ready for 2018 and all it has in store for me. What are your New Year resolutions?