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Did You Know Safety Pins Could Do This?

Did you know that you can use a safety pin for more than just a quick fix fashion emergency? Neither did I. When it comes to common every day household items such as this, we often forget that they can serve additional functions. This one simple piece can do a multitude of things. The most common use for a safety pin is to fasten name tags or fasten a pair of pants. Take a look at your shower current for example. You probably never noticed that it was hanging up by giant safety pins. Shower hooks come in the shape of an upside down lightbulb with a similar snap to that of a safety pin.

Safety pins can do more than just hang a shower curtain or temporarily fix a pair of pants. According to WhoWhatWear, safety pins can also be used for:

  • Making a necklace longer
  • Holding your scarf in place
  • Making your sweater more figure flattering

In Good Housekeeping magazine, safety pins can also be used for:

  • Drawing your curtains closed at night – just fasten your curtains together at the top, in the middle, and the bottom to prevent light from seeping through
  • Create your own plate hangers – check out Craftaholics Anonymous for how to do this
  • Stick a few safety pins in your first aid kit to help hold bandages in place
  • Keeping your socks together – simply safety pin them together

The list goes on and on for different ways to use safety pins. Some of these are so simple. You can also use safety pins as jewelry. Link some together for a creative bracelet or necklace. Want to create a new pattern on your favorite jacket? The possibilities are endless, and it’s a great budget saver too!

Check out these videos for other ways to use safety pins!

3 Unexpected Ways to Use a Safety Pin –

DIY: Safety Pin Bracelet – TheCoolios (YouTube)


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