Designing Your Bedroom for Comfort and Function

It’s so important to be comfortable in your own home. Your bedroom, especially, should be the heart of comfort in your home, but it also needs to be functional. Here are 5 steps to creating a comfortable and functional bedroom.

Define Your Style

What do you like? If you aren’t sure of your style, go to Pinterest. Do a google search. Scroll through HGTV’s website. You’ll quickly be drawn to a certain type of style. Here are a few examples to get you started.


rustic bedroom

Image: HGTV



modern bedroom

Image: HGTV


traditional bedroom

Image: HGTV


eclectic bedroom

Image: HGTV

Once you’ve defined your style, think about the elements that make up that style. If you like the rustic bedroom, think about incorporating some reclaimed wood.

Now that you’ve identified your style and the elements that you like about it, you can move on to the next step.

Define The Function

How exactly do you want your bedroom to function? Of course, you want sleep there. So keep in mind that you’ll need colors and aromas that are relaxing to you.

Do you want to watch TV? Maybe include an arm-chair so you can sit up and watch your favorite show.

Do you like reading before bed? Be sure to have a cute nightstand with a lamp.

Do you want to work in your bedroom? Get a desk and chair that fit with your design style.

Also, be sure to have plenty of organizational storage. You can get bins and baskets of all sizes, but be sure to stick within a certain color palette so that the room doesn’t feel cluttered and thrown together.

If you’re unsure of how to pick a color palate, I suggest buying everything in neutral colors: black, white, browns, golds, or even silver. Then have one or two pops of color like purple or blue. The bedroom below does this very well.

color pallet

Image: HGTV


Make It Comfy

You want to have several pillows on your bed. You want two to four large pillows for sleeping and two to six decorative pillows. Why? You want to see something visually appealing when you walk into your room. It should be a little retreat from the rest of the house.

You also want your room to smell good. I suggest a subtle but distinctive scent. Lavender is good for sleeping, but if you also want to use your bedroom for work, you might want something like vanilla. I would stay away from fruity smells as these can be overpowering. Simply buying a scented plugin can do wonders. If your bedroom is large, you might need two.

Get a soft throw blanket to hang over the edge of your bed and a nice luxurious rug to put at the foot of your bed. Think about all of the things that make you comfortable and try to incorporate it.

Putting It All Together

You simply want to create a space that reflects your style, comfort, and the functionality you want your bedroom to have. So give it a try!


Let us know what ways you designed your bedroom below!

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