Designing A White Room

I recently moved to a new gorgeous apartment that I love. I was bold enough to decide to have a white room with a touch of color. The key to pulling off a white room is to have texture and a pop of color. My favorite color is purple, and I decided to use that as the pop of color.

When adding a pop of color make sure the shades you use to compliment each other. Purple and gray compliment each other, and I selectively have it in certain areas of my room.

The texture is another aspect you want to keep in mind when designing your white room. It makes all the difference. I chose to buy a gray textured blanket from Ikea.

Check out the pictures below on how I designed my room and clicked the links to purchase the items from my room. Let me know how you created your room in the comment box below.

Ikea Bed, Ikea Blanket, Rue La La Bedding, Target Sheet Set, Ikea Euro Pillow Cases, Ikea side tables, Target Lamps

Ikea dresser, Vizio Speaker, Ikea Floor Lamps

Ross Curtains, Ikea Table Top, Ikea Legs, Ikea Chair

Ikea Book Shelf

Target Bathroom Shelf, Home Goods White Towels, Target Purple Towels


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