Decorate Your Living Room with Ease

The living room is one of the most used rooms in a home. It can be the pinnacle of entertaining or relaxing after a long day of work. There is nothing better than feeling comfortable in a tranquil living room. Here are some tips to consider when decorating your living room.

Select Style

It is important to consider which style you want as a theme for your room before you begin to decorate. It is a good idea to figure out what the rest of your home says and make it cohesively blend into your living room. You wouldn’t want to create a baroque themed living room if the other rooms are neutral; doing so would make this room feel awkward against the others. It is important to remember you don’t have to follow the theme exactly in each room, but it is effective to let the theme guide you.

Choose Colors

After you’ve settled on style it is important to think about your color palate. Just because your theme in your home is rustic does not mean you have to have rustic colors in every room to blend well. The key to color is to pick a similar tone. You’ve likely heard of warm, cool, and neutral colors. These are adjectives that relate to a color’s tone. Knowing how different tones mesh with others is the most pivotal point to creating rooms to blend when you decide to decorate.

Fabric Selection

Choosing the right fabric is detrimental to the effectiveness of your living room. In most scenarios a living room is a high traffic area. Keep this in mind and buy fabric that warrants high traffic rooms. One of the most durable fabrics is leather; which also comes at a hefty price tag. Nowadays you are able to find comparable products that offer similar benefits. The trick is finding one that fits your family and budget.

Measure for Shape

Be sure to measure your living room before you head to the furniture stores. It is a good idea to make note of doorways, windows, fireplaces, etc. beforehand because they will greatly impact the shape of furniture and number of pieces you buy. The layout of your room will either be enhanced or deferred depending on what kind of furniture you buy, so be sure you are aware of the room and all its quirks.

For example, my living room is an open floor plan adjacent to the dining room, and we have a half wall that splits the two. We have only three solid walls and two of them have windows. The only wall that doesn’t have a window is too awkward to place a television near, and even if we did we would regret it as soon as the sun shined. Our living room is large, but very awkward at best. It was very difficult to determine how to place our furniture, but I was thankful I took note before moving in. No matter what you decide to do when you decorate your living room, just be sure it is comfortable and fits your needs.