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How to Deal With Negative People

There is something we all face, but yet we are never taught how. It’s dealing with negative people. You know the ones. They’re the negative Nancy’s and the depressing Dan’s. They’re the chicken littles who believe the sky is always falling. They take moments of celebration and turn them into mourning sessions, pointing out all that can and will go wrong.

Negative People vs. Realists

I want to be clear in saying that life isn’t all sunshine and daisies, so there are times when it is necessary to point out the negative. It’s important to be realistic and understand the way things work. Don’t cross your fingers and hope to pass an exam you won’t study for. Negative people will be the ones to point out how most people fail the final exam after you’ve discussed how confident you feel because you’ve been studying all week. They’ll try to turn any situation into one that is a losing a scenario.

Why Negative People Exist

I hate to be cliche, but hurt people hurt people. When someone’s being a Debby Downer, it’s because they truly view the world in a cynical way. Not only do they believe that your future isn’t bright, they view their own future that way as well. Somewhere along the way, they were disappointed and didn’t see the outcome they were hoping for. Their life experiences tainted the way they view the world and they can’t help but release that into whatever environment they’re in.

How to Deal

The best way to deal with negative people is to acknowledge what I said earlier. Hurt people hurt people. Don’t lash out or be harsh to them. They are already hurting. If depressing Dan is your co-worker, try limiting the types of conversations you have with him. Spend less time talking about what you’re hoping for or your accomplishments and start uplifting him. Start speaking hope into his life. Tell him your sure he’ll get that promotion. Who knows, maybe depressing Dan will become hopeful Harry.


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