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Date Ideas on A College Student Budget

When you are engaged to be married, you can make a date out of just about anything. You can go past the wine while you are grocery shopping and imagine drinking it. You can compete with one another while you watch Jeopardy and try not to brag about your insane winning streak. However, not everyone is at this point in a relationship. I know how college can suck the funds out of even the most avid savers. Here are a few ways that you can have fun with your significant other without going to Morton’s Steak House or scoring front row seats to a Ke$ha concert. Is she still relevant? Who knows?

Go to A Park

The great outdoors is also the free outdoors. You can enjoy the day at several public parks without breaking out the wallet. Take a stroll, throw a Frisbee, and have a picnic. It will be like a Nicholas Sparks book, but hopefully, it ends a lot happier.

Matinee Movies

If your day at the park is rained out, head out for an afternoon movie. You don’t need to go primetime for a good time. Usually, the discounted movie tickets are met with discounted snack prices as well. Now you don’t need to sneak the Domino’s pizza in your purse.

University Sponsored Events

Okay, since this is an article about college budgets, let’s talk about what your college can do for you. Free meals, free movie nights, free concerts, and free or discounted sporting events can make for a fun evening without costing you a kidney. You already owe the university that for tuition.


This gives you a wide variety of options, from classic art to muscle cars, some of these options are free and inexpensive. Others may be costly, but usually, a student I.D will bring down the prices significantly.

Volunteer Work

Community service brings a sense of accomplishment and can help you establish new connections. Find a cause that is interesting to you both, and take the afternoon to make a difference. Without sounding like a Miss America speech, you can find a plethora of activities to get involved in.

Board Games & Puzzles

Before smartphones gave us games to play in three-minute increments, you could gather around and play board games for hours. Now, some may require a double date to find the necessary amount of players, but you can learn a lot about someone by how they play Monopoly. Puzzles are another reliable option for those who spent a little too much at Dave and Busters the previous weekend.

These are a few options that can help bolster the undergraduate wallet. Keep an eye out for student pricing and keep an open mind on your next date night.

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