Creating a Meaningful Relationship with God

Take a moment and picture all of the relationships that mean the most to you, the ones that if something were to happen then you would turn into Hilary Swank in “P.S I Love You”. Most people would say their parents, spouse, children, best friends, but is God on that list? Does God matter more to you than all of these people? Are you so deeply in love with God that all of these relationships seem meaningless without him in the center of all of them? Well, let me explain.

It’s really hard to put exactly to words just how amazing God truly is, the fact that he created everything you and I see everyday should be up there on the list, but what makes me personally love God is that He forgives. Since the moment we were created we sinned, we were flawed, dirty, and broken; yet God loved us anyway.

For in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith. Galatians 3:26 ESV

To be honest, we aren’t lovable creatures, we don’t deserve the love of the King of Kings, but He gives it to us without fail, prejudice, or restraint. It’s there for us we just have to meet him half way.

Back in biblical times, the ability to have a meaning and personal relationship with God was only attainable for the holiest of men. The tabernacle where God’s presence was kept could only be visited by men worthy of the honor, when one would go in he would have to have a rope tied to him because if he was not worthy he would instantly die and there was no way of getting his corpse from out of the tent. The only man in the old testament that met with God personally was Moses. He had to separate himself from the world completely just to be in the Lord’s presence. Witnessing this gathering between man and God was a sight to behold, it was the highest honor of any human being.

I think we can learn from Moses in how to truly create a meaningful relationship with Christ. In scripture, the meaning of Moses was “Servant of God”, not holy one, and not great and powerful one. Moses was a servant above all. The first lesson we can learn from Moses is to serve. Jesus Himself was called to serve just as we are, by serving I mean, helping others even when you don’t want to, loving the un-loveable, and forgiving when it’s really hard to. As Christians, we are called to have a higher standard in ourselves, we have the greatest human example that has ever lived in Jesus Christ, and even though we are flawed we are called to live through His example.

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many. Mark 10:45 NIV

God above all truly wants a deep, intimate relationship with each and every one of us, but how is that gonna happen if we don’t know Him. For example, how do you get to know someone who you are on a date with and want to pursue romantically? You don’t just sit there on a date in total silence, you communicate. The way to build an intimate and lasting relationship with God is to communicate with Him, to read His word, and talk to Him. Reading your bible daily is basically like reading a love story written by God for all of us! His word is living, breathing, and always relevant in every situation, and I promise that you will develop such a wisdom and hunger from it, if you truly devote daily time to reading His word.

Reading the bible is super important but only one side to true communication with Christ. To get to know someone you not only need to learn about them but physically talk to them as well. Prayer is the way we communicate with Christ and tell Him our innermost thoughts, feelings, concerns, and joys. He wants to know them ALL. When you share everything with Christ even the things you don’t really wanna share you grow closer to God, you become so dependent on telling him everything that it creates such a meaningful relationship.

Any relationship in life takes dedication, communication, and the heart of a servant. God truly wants a deep relationship with us that’s why he calls us His most beloved creation for that reason. Through communication and living your life the way Christ did, we can truly become such a fulfilled and happy person with a deep, intimate, and personal relationship with our Lord and Savior. Our God is truly a master of love and mercy, he is beautiful, strong, and as hard as we try indescribable. There is really no other relationship you could ever have that is more fulfilling and loving than a relationship with Christ. I hope with all my heart that all of you pursue a relationship with Christ just as hard as He is pursuing a relationship with you, because trust me on this it is so well worth it.