Craving Coffee

I do it daily. I think about coffee every morning until I get a cup. I crave it. It’s warm and comforting, a mini escape from the cold reality of the office. I have this creamer that I LOVE that makes it – not too sweet – but just sweet enough for my taste. Sometimes the recognizable smell of my coffee is enough to get me in a good mood.

Then there’s the obvious caffeine high that you get after finally enjoying your cup. The caffeine gets me to a place where I feel more powerful than before, it makes me smile a little more and even gives me the energy to be productive once I’ve had it. It is seemingly the perfect companion.

Coffee really tastes great…until it doesn’t. It inevitably gets cold, the sweetness of the creamer eventually separates and, majority of the time, it’s not worth mixing it up again. If I do manage to drink it all and enjoy it, the caffeine rush feels great for awhile, but wears off and I’m feeling a little lower than I did before I drank my perfect caffeine concoction. It leaves me with my head hurting and just a terrible taste in my mouth.

Dare I say, craving coffee is a lot like today’s dating (no Taylor Swift). We think we have the ideal cup until we realize that even the sweetest recipes can leave us feeling a little hungover. If one cup cools off or the creamer/coffee ratio is imperfect, a lot of us just take our chances with another brew.

What if we all began to invest in our relationships the way God invests in us. If we focus our minds on him in the morning instead of the warmth of coffee, I believe we will discover a light in us instead of being left with that terrible taste in our mouths. God gives us more than just energy. He gives us consistent self assurance and grace, as each and every relationship should.

As scary as these statements are to make, I believe this is what is missing in our modern ways – having heart over the convenience of caffeine. Opening up once the steam is gone instead of getting a new cup. Craving conversation instead of craving coffee. Respect yourself, you are worth investing in.