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Concealing Dark Circles Under Your Eyes


Let’s get real here. Under eye circles are something most of us wish we never had to deal with and secretly wish that a little fairy would come at night and magically take them away. Well I’m not a fairy or anything,  but I can give you some times on the best ways to magically make your dark circles go away; at least for a couple of hours.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you be your own dark circle magician:

The best way to conceal under eye circles is to treat them so you don’t actually have to cover them, here’s how!

Get Sleep

I know it’s said so many times but it’s true. Your eyes are the first places where you age and show fatigue so go ahead and take a snooze! You’ll thank me later.

Drink Water

Your skin needs hydration to stay plump and look fresh. Keep a water bottle with you so you can always have water handy.

Invest in A Good Eye Cream

The skin near your eyes is thinner than any other skin on your body so it needs special formulations and ingredients to fulfill their needs. These are my favorite eye creams:

Take Your Makeup Off

We as women are so guilty of this. We get home and we’re tired so we go straight to bed neglecting to take off our makeup. You should never sleep with makeup on, it damages your skin and dries out your under eyes more than anything. If you want to conceal your dark circles this something you definitely shouldn’t do.


One thing you need to keep in mind is that genetics and hormones control the darkness under your eyes a lot. Sometimes there’s isn’t any way to completely treat dark circles so coverage is crucial.


Find a good peach shade concealer, the peachy-tones cancel out the blue under your eyes to hide then much better than a flesh toned one. For the best coverage use both. Use a peachy concealer layered under a flesh toned one and BLEND!

Bake Your Concealer

Apply a large amount of loose powder on top and let it sit for a few minutes to set the cream products completely, after take a powder brush and blend away at the extra powder and BAM! You have perfectly set under eyes!

This one is my favorite peachy tone concealer:

This is my holy grail concealer:



I always apply a brightening powder to finish the look completely and brighten that area to conceal the darkness even more (but this step is totally optional). This is my favorite brightening powder. It’s at a reasonable price for a palette and one of the top brands.

Let’s make this the year of great skin and great under eyes! Take care of your body and it will take care of you, and always remember invest in yourself and your skin. It’s totally ok to splurge a little. Let us know which products you use to conceal your dark circles below!

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