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Combating Procrastination

Combating procrastination is taxing mentally and physically. Whether it’s schoolwork, personal projects, or even cleaning the house, we all have obligations that we can’t bring ourselves to do until the last moment. Here are a few tips to help you work up that work ethic:

Get A Small Head Start & Then Walk Away From It

Sounds like you’re exacerbating the problem, right? We all let deadlines catch up to us to the point where we just have to start our projects. Write that paper, address that email, start folding that laundry. Yes, it has to get finished, but forcing yourself to start and allowing yourself time to walk away gets the creative juices flowing. It puts you in the proper mindset to really finish that project, and soon. Try starting it, leaving it for a reasonable amount of time, and coming back. You may find that you have entirely new perspectives to utilize now that you’ve had that time away.

Don’t Think About It

Just do it and carve out the “down draft”. The “down draft” is literally what it sounds like: proof that you did it. Part of the issue may be that you’re overthinking it. Try jumping right into it with almost no depth. Work out the details later.

Play Favorites

Is there a portion of the project that you are looking forward to doing? Is there a piece of the story that you planned out and that you are excited to write? Focus on that, even if it isn’t the starting point. Let the enthusiasm inspire you to get that part done and perhaps it will lead to everything else clicking into place. If not, at least you will have that part under your belt.

Set Small Goals

If you have enough time that you don’t have to do it all in one sitting, then by all means, don’t! Set small daily and/or hourly goals for you to accomplish the various aspects of your project. You’ll be surprised how proud of yourself you’ll feel just by meeting those small goals. Little by little, you’ll obtain the big picture.

Ask For Help

You aren’t the only one who procrastinates, so stop shaming yourself. Ask a trusted friend or colleague to check in on you. Let them coach you through it so you have an outside figure aware of your deadlines. Don’t just let the “time management” stigmas be the only voice of reason. There are plenty of ways to recognize and combat your procrastination. Get out there and be great!

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