Clever Ways to Manage Your Email

Somehow, email has transformed into an alternative to snail mail, a.k.a. traditional postal services. Even though email is still a more convenient way to send a quick message, it is just as likely to get lost in the cyber world as it is in the mail. With promotions, reminders, and newsletters filling up your inbox it is clever to learn to manage your email.

Create An Email Address For Promotions

One way to keep your email organized is to create a separate email address for all of the online shopping, blogs, and personal messages that are not critical to view on a daily basis. This way, it is less likely that a promotion or email reminder will interfere with work.

Install Applications & Extensions

Companies use internal email systems to communicate and contact clients, but sometimes the email can only be accessed on company computers. This means, if you remember to send an email at the last minute, you have to wait until the next day. Consequently, you will probably spend the entire night worrying about forgetting to send that email.  Before suggesting using a private server (because you know how controversial that can be), consider installing a program to help direct your email to the most important messages. For Google users, Boomerang is an application that schedules an email to send back to the top of your inbox.  This program can help prioritize emails and makes the start of a new workday a lot easier.

Label Messages

Another great way to prioritize your email is to assign labels by sender or message type. This feature automatically adds emails to a folder, in addition to your inbox. As previously mentioned, distractions are inevitable when checking your email. Labels help direct attention to what is important. Additionally, using labels to color-coordinate with a planner or calendar makes work tasks more recognizable.

Use The Vacation Responder

Finally, email is great for staying connected to work or social events, but taking a break from checking your email is also great.  It is difficult to enjoy time away from work when constantly checking your phone for incoming messages.  Using a “vacation responder” or “outgoing message” allows you to take a break from the digital world.  Automatic outgoing messages remind people that you are away, which relieves the pressure to immediately respond to messages.

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