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Christian Books You Have to Read


As Christians, we love to read the best in wholesome, helpful literature. Besides the Bible, there is a host of other books that can give you an entirely new view on how Christianity works and bless you with a new understanding of God. The following are the Christian books everyone needs to read.

Mere Christianity

Author C.S. Lewis takes you on a grandiose journey in the Universe showing how it is skillfully made and how to behave as a Christian. He leaves nothing untouched. Mr. Lewis’ wisdom is unmatched. He’s open and honest and delivers a swift defense for Christianity against such things as Atheism and the Big Bang Theory. After reading this book, you will look upon Christianity with fresh eyes. It is uplifting, at times funny, and down to earth. You won’t want to miss out. You can find it here.

The Story

Max Lucado is a well-known Christian author beloved by all. In this book, he takes the Old Testament and New Testament and weaves it into a fascinating story that is easy to read. For those of you that find the Old Testament a bit tricky to read, here is your answer. Buy it here.

The Love Dare

Stephen and Alex Kendrick have worked a masterpiece. This book helps spouses to learn to love one another like Jesus loves over the course of 40 days. It has a short daily assignment that is meant to bring you closer to your spouse. It has a journaling exercise after each day. You can purchase this at Amazon.

Jesus Calling

Sarah Young brings forth a beautiful daily devotional that creates an intimate time with Jesus. Each message contains Scriptures, as well as a way to use each day’s message. Use this book along with prayer to strengthen your life as a Christian. Buy it here.

Reading these books will fill you with the love of God and His Son. They are classics in the making. These are the Christian books you have to read!


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