Should Children Be Allowed to Wear Whatever They Want?

As children are continuing to grow up, they want more responsibility. They want to feel like have more freedom to express themselves. A lot of the times it is a tug of war between parents and their children. Parents want their children to grow up, but still, remember that they are not yet adults. The older children get, the more of a battle parents seem to have with them. When it comes to children transitioning and going through puberty, they start going through so many phases. Parents try their best to allow their children to control their appearance. However, there’s always been a debate asking should children be allowed to wear whatever they want?

Should Children Have All the Control?

One of the biggest debates is if children should have complete control over what they wear? Most adults especially parents feel as if they should not allow their children to wear whatever they want. They should be allowed to wear some of the things they want, yet have a limit. If girls want to wear skirts they can, but they should come over the knee. Too many times young girls are wearing skirts that are way too short. Young girls are always trying to wear clothes that are too skimpy and inappropriate. Whether it is a mini skirt, tank top, or leotard, it must be age appropriate. Children need to realize some things are too mature for them to be wearing.

One of the biggest clothing trends they need to end completely are boys sagging their pants. It is a constant complaint with boys attire because it exposes boys their undergarments. It originated in jail because the men were not allowed to wear belts so their pants would sag. It has become a “normal” part of a boy’s wardrobe, and it needs to stop. What also influences this look is rap stars and other celebrities supporting this trend. They are looking up to these people as role models and mimicking their styles. The same goes for young girls wanting to dress risky like their favorite pop star. Children need to realize they are not yet adults and need adults to supervise their attire.

Why Children Need Supervision Over What They Wear

When children are getting older a lot of times, they are rushing the process. This is why a lot of the times they are not dressing age appropriate. There is a time and place for appropriate attire. When children are in schools, they need to realize that is a place to learn and be taught. This is the reason why some schools have uniforms. Their teachers and parents want them to spend more time on their studies and less time on what they wear. If adults did not have any control over children’s attire, they would really be reckless. They need to realize that growing up is about knowing how to represent themselves respectfully.

How to Compromise With Children Wearing What They Want

Getting older comes with a lot of responsibility; it includes everything from driving, getting a job, and dressing. It would really be unfair if children did not have any control over what they wore, especially if they are of age and have shown that they are responsible enough. There should be a compromise between parents and children. Parents should give them some freedom, but make sure it’s appropriate. When children actually reach adulthood, they’ll have more knowledge on how to dress. It may seem like your parents are too controlling, but in the end, you’ll be thankful someone cared enough.

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