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    The Best Organizational Apps To Simplify Your Life

    Managing your daily and weekly activities can be a hassle–especially when prioritizing your busy schedule. Here at Deliberate Magazine, we believe that when you simplify your life, everything else falls into place. This proves to be true especially considering the stress that comes with keeping track of work, social life, family, and friends. Thankfully, we’ve…

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    The Hottest New Apps To Try This Year

    If you’ve invested in iPhone, then you are aware of all the things it does. It’s not just a cell phone it’s also a mini computer and game system all mixed into one. The iPhone was created to be user-friendly and to be the hottest cell phone on the market.

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    Are Children Smarter In the Internet Era

    Most young children in the United States have access to touch screen devices. Using these devices are more engaging because the child is using more senses at the same time such as touching the screen to watch and hears actions, which might lead to better educational outcomes. Dr. Michael Levine, the executive director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, conducted a study to compare how children learn using traditional books versus e-readers.

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    The Perks of Having an iPhone

    One thing we all always have on us is our cell phone. While Android may seem to have more selection, the iPhone is much better for a few key reasons. Here are a few reasons why we should use iPhones over Android devices.

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    Why Bumble is the Best Dating App

    Released at the close of 2014, the dating app Bumble put a new spin on the internet dating scene. Men and women could swipe right or left, à la Tinder, but only women can initiate a conversation after a match. The app was hailed as the “feminist” Tinder by several sources as a result of this decision. How does Bumble stack up against other apps? It’s the best one by far; here is why.

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    Three Useful VoIP Clients to Serve Your Needs

    Voice over IP, or VoIP, is a revolutionary convenience for business and pleasure. With programs like Skype, cross-country or even cross-continent communication became instant. VoIP changed the way business is conducted and continues to be an important technology for communication. Here are three useful VoIP clients that can make life just a little more convenient.

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    The Pros & Cons of Video Games

    Sometimes we forget how amazing and fortunate our hectic lives are. We’re always coming and going; we never take the time to stop and appreciate the little things. When we do stop for just a second, we make these moments important when we fill them with hobbies.