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    Food Items You Should Have at Least Once a Week

    According to a survey, a regular person, on an average eats junk food five times a week, that makes about 10% of your weekly diet. If there is so much room for junk food shouldn’t you incorporate some portions of healthy foodstuffs in your weekly diet? Certain foods provide the right combination of nutrients to battle against diseases. Here’s our guide to what you should eat at least once every week.

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    Important Lessons from “To the Bone” Movie

    “To the Bone” is a Netflix drama/comedy written and directed by Marti Noxon. The movie starring Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves is about a young girl struggling with an eating disorder. Claims that Marti’s movie promotes eating disorders have been discussed heavily on social media, deterring many people (myself included) from watching.

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    Can Tattoos Cause Cancer?

    The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian word “tatu” which means, “to mark something.” This form of body art has been apart of the world for centuries. What began, as just a symbol for tribes is now a permanent form of expression. The earliest tattoos were in Egypt on the great pyramids.

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    Best Ways to Train Your Brain to Retain

    Retaining information is an essential skill in a ton of different environments. Whether it is work, school, or your hobbies, being able to retain what you learn can make all the difference. Here are a few different ways that you can train your brain to retain.

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    Finding Motivation for the Gym

    Our health is important. When we eat right and exercise, we feel more energized, more confident, and happier. We know that there are benefits of exercising and going to the gym. We are aware we will feel better after we go; however, we do not always have the motivation.

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    Yoga Poses For Beginners

    Yoga classes often look intimidating, and many of the poses look impossible. We have poses for beginners that will change your mind. All you need is a yoga mat and be sure to do the poses to the best of your ability and comfort.

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    Why Flexibility is Important for Fitness

    Whenever you talk about fitness, it’s always accompanied with cardio and weightlifting. After all, aerobic exercise and strength training dominate with mainstream appeal. But flexibility is important too and is something people can often overlook. Here is why flexibility is important for total fitness, and why you should try to become more flexible.

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    Preventing the Flu

    Every year thousands of people become hospitalized and even have died, as the result of the flu. We must be ready for it and begin flu prevention. According to the CDC, the virus is usually in season from early October to late May. This article will provide you the tools necessary to stay vigilant against the flu virus.

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    How Stress Effects Every Part of Your Body

    When it comes to life there are always problems and challenges that we’re faced with. It’s really inevitable that stress will enter your life one way or another. However, knowing the effects stress has on every part of the body, will help relieve it.