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    How to Make Your Living Room Look More Spacious

    The home environment is detrimental to the way people feel. And since families spend most of their time together in the living room, it’s important to create a space where everyone is comfortable. Here are some home decor tips to maximize living room space:

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    How to Minimize Food Waste

    Do you know that food waste is the single largest component going to methane-generating landfills? According to the US Department of Agriculture, food waste is estimated to be 133 billion lbs, costing $161 billion (2010). Food that could have helped so many hungry families is sent to landfills and all the resources used to bring the food to our homes are wasted.

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    Preparing Your Home for Fall

    Fall doesn’t have to be your favorite season to start working on making your home a warm and cozy space for everyone. Honestly, every season should be special. And by making your household fall ready, it will help you build profound memories and make the cold season more bearable.

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    Minimizing How Much Stuff You Have

    Human civilizations have left behind artifacts singe civilization. First, there were arrowheads, then clay pots. There was jewelry, tools-everyday, mostly, essential objects. Humans had other things too. But they disintegrated, decomposed over time.

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    Millennials & The Tiny House Revolution

    The term millennial boasts a great amount of popularity these days. Regardless of your preconceived notions regarding millennials, I can say one thing about my generation for sure: we know a lot about debt. Worrying about job security, mortgage payments, school loans, and insurance aren’t exactly new generational problems.

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    The Nature of Succulents

    Has anyone else noticed that succulents are everywhere these days? Whether they’re in antique pots or geometric terrariums, succulents are invading home decor one cacti at a time. So what is it that makes these plants so popular?

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    Trim Board: How to Install it in Your Home

    DIY projects can be challenging, especially ones involving home improvement. The costs magnify every mistake; a foul-up during a paint job or floor installation can empty your wallet in record time. Installing wooden trim board can be the worst of the worst. Paint has to be edged around it, baseboard cuts can be difficult, and misalignment means a room can look crooked.

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    Three Tips For Painting Walls At Home

    Painting your home interior can be a daunting task; a dicey paint job can ruin even the most meticulous arrangement of furniture. It isn’t as simple as buying the color and putting on your worst pair of sweatpants. Edges, paint dripping, and awkward angles can make interior painting a nightmare. These three tips can help make painting your home just a little easier.