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    The Idea of Easy Money

    The standard idea among those of the millennial generation is that they don’t have to work for a living. The idea is that they can easily start up a successful business. They can invest in that new fast-cash scheme that is making the rounds throughout society or sells products in an entrepreneurial sense. Simply, people do not want to work for a living.

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    Everything You Need to Know About Lent

    This time of the year is about observing forty days and forty nights of fast. The amount of time that Christ fasted in the desert. It’s a time of sacrifice. Giving up some little thing to prepare the soul for Christ’s passion death and eventual resurrection on Easter.
    Like pruning the garden for new growth in the spring the soul needs preparation for the coming Easter-tide.

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    Why You Should Do More Extracurricular Activities on Campus

    On the typical college campus, many extracurricular activities await students who want to excel. Students can join a club of their choice for experience in a certain field. They can make some extra cash working a work-study position. Students can even receive a research project from their professors or help with an event held at the school. The opportunities are endless!

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    3 #GirlBoss Books You Need to Read This Year

    If you’re working on your side hustle ’til the break of dawn and surviving off caffeine alone, I’d say you’re part of an exclusive club called The #GirlBoss. Most times, your inner determination motivates you to keep going. But, sometimes you need a little extra boost to remind yourself you can do it. We get it!…

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    Why You Should Study Philosophy

    What job can you get with that degree? Almost every philosophy major has heard this question before. When asked, I always like to remember what my ethics professor used to say. You don’t study philosophy to get a good job. You study it to live it.

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    How to Start Preparing for Retirement in Your 20’s

    Saving for retirement in your twenties can seem like too far-fetched of an idea. After all, this is the time to throw caution to the wind, let your hair down, and have fun. Investing and micro-planning are things of the future; you think when you actually have leftover money to consolidate. However, as many studies have proven, taking specific steps in your younger days can have lasting impacts on your future wealth.

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    Tips for Fiction Writers Writing From Picture

    The sun on the mountain glistens with hues of amber over the windswept trees. Can you see it? Writers paint a picture so that the reader can see it in their mind. However, some writers start with a picture and build the story from the scene. Here are some tips for writers who want to write from pictures.

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    Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck with These Tips

    Let’s be honest; everyone wants to make enough money to not think about money ever again. Living paycheck to paycheck is stressful, tedious, and nerve-wracking; you never know if you are going to “make it” by the time the month ends and just the pressure of relying on your wages to live is enough to make milk curdle. However, it does not have to be that way – you can follow these tips on money spending to turn a new leaf, just in time for the new year.