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    Are Nuts Healthy Or Not?

    There are so many debates on whether or not nuts are healthy. Many dieticians believe they are too high in fat and should be avoided at all costs. Instead, others suggest only eating the nuts that have fewer calories and avoid eating those with the extra calories and fat.

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    Slow & Fast Reading: Which is Best for You

    As exercise strengthens the body, reading the mind. In reading, you gain much, concentration, stress relief, analytical skills, a strict memory, joy, sorrow, and a world to which you can leave immediately as the real one does not fulfill you. Thus, rather than why read, how should one read is the vital question.

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    Injury & the Importance of Recovery

    Some people find it difficult to give up their gym routine even when they have an injury. Day in, day out, people push themselves in spite of the pain. But, admirable as it may seem, this is a horrible decision to make for long term fitness.

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    Water & Metabolism: Importance of Drinking Water

    The supplements market is crammed full of pills and shakes mixes that claim to “boost metabolism.” The claim has become a bit of a buzzword in terms of fitness terminology, but rarely are these claims substantiated. Instead of wasting time on questionable substances, go with the tried and true metabolism booster: Water.

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    Are Children Smarter In the Internet Era

    Most young children in the United States have access to touch screen devices. Using these devices are more engaging because the child is using more senses at the same time such as touching the screen to watch and hears actions, which might lead to better educational outcomes. Dr. Michael Levine, the executive director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, conducted a study to compare how children learn using traditional books versus e-readers.

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    Dieting: Ways to Control Appetite

    One of the major issues with losing weight is controlling your appetite. Even with proper exercise and commitment with dieting, moving away from your established eating schedule and usual portions can put a strain on your efforts to lose weight. Here are a few methods to your control appetite, and shed pounds to attain your ideal shape.