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    Staying Comfortable Yet Stylish In College

    Being a college student on a budget is no fun when getting ready in the morning. You don’t need an entirely new wardrobe to make this part of getting ready easy. With these five pieces, you’ll be able to stay stylish yet comfortable in college. Signature Jacket When you have those early morning classes and…

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    7 Drugstore Mascara Magazine Editors Swear By

    Mascara is the staple of any woman’s makeup repertoire, the most basic of supplies. And as such, we tend to go through it pretty quickly. Because of how often we need to buy new mascara tubes, it’s a good idea to find an inexpensive brand. But inexpensive does not mean the quality suffers. Here are seven…

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    Best Tiny Accessories On Etsy

    Etsy offers many wonderful items, many of the best tiny rtccessories you can find online.  I can spend hours on the site shopping and daydreaming, and buying jewelry from Etsy is probably my biggest vice.  I absolutely adore the silver pieces I have bought through Etsy, and I wanted to share some of my absolute…

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    Winter Approved Outfits To Try

    With fall ending and winter approaching, you’ll need some outfits that will keep you warm in the ever-dropping temperatures. As it gets colder, it’s easy to let all sense of fashion slip away. We just want to be warm and comfortable. For most of us, warm and comfortable doesn’t equal fashionable. However, there are some…

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    Fabrics to Keep You from Freezing This Winter

    Now that winter has officially set in, it’s time to don the perfect cold-blocking fabrics. Layers are essential of course, but it’s good to know where to begin with the materials. Here are some examples of sensible wintertime fabrics: Cashmere While cashmere is high in price, it’s not without good reason. Cashmere is both comfortable…

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    How To Winter-Proof Your Makeup

    Winter weather can sometimes have an effect on your makeup. The wind, rain, sleet, and snow can smudge and smear your beautiful handiwork. If you have discovered that the weather is ruining your makeup check out these winter-proofing tips to keep your makeup looking good all day long! Defeat Dull, Dehydrated Skin Dehydrated skin is pretty…