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    The Best Skin Moisturizers

    Are you tired of suffering from dry and itchy skin? Have you tried various of lotions and moisturizers only to find the right one for you still not? If you’re ready to get rid of dry skin, then try these body moisturizers.

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    Updating Your Skincare Routine for Spring

    Spring has come, and with it, warmer weather. Since we’re moving past the days of dry and bitterly cold air, it’s good to adjust your skincare routine. It will help your skin prepare for more humid air. Time to stock up your skincare supplies with weather-appropriate products, and here’s how to use them:

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    Heat-Free Ways to Get Curly Hair

    Curls look great on virtually all hair, regardless of color or length. However, sometimes a curling iron just won’t cut it. Some people don’t like the damage that heating products have on their hair, and others don’t feel like putting in the time. There are a few easy and lazy solutions to get heat-free curls in your hair.

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    Different Ways To Detox Your Hair

    We all want healthy hair. However, achieving that can be a bit harder than we want. Today we are straightening, bleaching, dying, and experimenting with different hair styles that suck the life out of our hair or pull it out. Just like you detox your body or do a weekly face mask (which you should…

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    Seven DIY Skin and Hair Recipes to Try

    With winter upon us, it’s important that we pay more attention to pampering our skin and hair. Our skin and hair can quickly dry out from the lack of humidity and moisture in the air. However, when it comes to pampering your hair and skin, it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, some of…

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    How to Use Lavender Daily

    Lavender is a very versatile essential oil, and it has a variety of daily uses. It’s known for its calming effect on the body, and it’s highly therapeutic. The fragrance is light and offers balance for both the body and the mind. Having your bottle is like having an on-the-go picker upper, so here are…

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    Great Products for Beautifying Your Brows

    Beautiful, defined brows are a hot look right now, and for good reasons. They brighten up the face and create a lovely and intense look. Since brow definition is in now, there are many available products to assist with exactly that. However, what are some top products? If you don’t know where to begin to…

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    7 Drugstore Mascara Magazine Editors Swear By

    Mascara is the staple of any woman’s makeup repertoire, the most basic of supplies. And as such, we tend to go through it pretty quickly. Because of how often we need to buy new mascara tubes, it’s a good idea to find an inexpensive brand. But inexpensive does not mean the quality suffers. Here are seven…