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    How to Look Prim & Ready at All Times

    How do you look fashionable when you are always fashionably late? Just remembering to wash your face in the morning seems like a luxury as you head out the door. With a million things to do, fashion and beauty do not make it to your priority list and yet you find yourself wincing over your stylistic faux pas, wistfully dreaming of one day looking like Grace Kelly.

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    Why Include Acids In Your Skincare Routine?

    For the average person, the word “acid” conjures up images of mad scientists and vats of green liquid that could melt the flesh off of your bones. Most skincare enthusiasts, on the other hand, have probably put acid on their faces sometime over the period of the last week. What’s wrong with these people, you…

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    How to Dress Like You Don’t Care When You Really Do

    Sometimes you just want to get out of bed, look perfectly made up, and head out the door, flawless and effortless. But we can’t all be the Kardashians with their retinue of hair stylists and makeup artists, not to mention fashion stylists. But with doing the work ourselves, we get to learn what we like and don’t like and what works with our bodies.

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    5 Sweaters We Love

    When winter is upon us, it is hard to stay warm. Although we don’t like to be cold, we do look forward to buying sweaters. The best part about sweaters is that it can pair up with just about anything whether its jean, leggings, or cute sweats; you can’t go wrong. Sweaters are perfect because…

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    Does Brand Really Matter?

    Does brand really matter? Whether it’s clothing, food, or technology, do people really look at the brand? Most of the time, when shopping people look at brands. When people say brand is
    important to them it’s because the quality is better. But when people don’t care much for a brand, it’s mostly because they feel like it’s the same thing. Both sides definitely have good points.

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    The Best Makeup Tutorials On YouTube

    If you enjoy the glam of eyeshadows and lipsticks then makeup tutorials are great for you. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the makeup world you’ll find YouTube make tutorials useful. There are hundreds of different YouTube videos to help create any look you want.

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    How to Get The Perfect Manicure at Home

    We’ve all been there: in between visits to the salon, your nails start to look rough. The polish chips and pulls away from your cuticles as your nails grow, and who knows? Maybe you’ve even broken a nail or two, leaving jagged edges where the nail has torn.

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    Should Exercise & Fitness Matter to Christians When Vanity is Involved?

    Everywhere you go, there it is; the figure of a woman in a bikini bottom, that buxom brunette smiling on the cover, selling lipstick, posing as if to say life is not great unless you look like me. You walk out and there it is, plastered on billboards and on the TVs of a store you walk by, men and women that look like the ideal, with etched bodies, perfectly white teeth, and sun-kissed skin.