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    Natural Skin & Hair Hacks

    Top skin care experts have identified which natural ingredients and protocols have proven to be the most effective in helping people achieve the healthiest, most radiant skin possible. Red, orange, and yellow fruits and vegetables are loaded with beta-carotene. Your body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, which is essential for protecting against sun damage, healing wounds, and encouraging cell turnover. Topical natural products with beta-carotene also have antioxidant benefits for your skin.

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    The Best Fashions to Wear to Look Slimmer

    In a world where everyone wants to keep up with the best fashion trends, it can be tough finding what fashions are in and what fashions are out. The one fashion trend that is always in is the fashion that gives the appearance of a slimmer body. Whether you’re young or old, curvy or thin, everyone wants to wear the best fashions to look thinner.

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    The Best Colors to Wear this Summer

    Summer is the shortest season, but also one of the most unique because unlike other seasons it allows you to have the freedom to express your style and wardrobe. Despite being one of the most loved seasons, it can often be one of the hardest to dress for. Many of us want to stay true to our fashion style but still follow the summer trends.

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    Favorite Lip Balms for Dry Lips

    One of the hardest things to keep moisturized are the lips. It’s true that numerous lip balms and butter promise to treat and moisturize dry lips. There are so many misleading products that are not worth the time or money.

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    Transitioning Makeup for the Summer

    The summer is just around the corner, and there are so many things that need to transition. Obviously, with the weather being warmer, and the sun shining there’s no need for heavy clothing or makeup. There’s no need to wear the same heavy coats of foundation and colors in your makeup routine.

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    The Best Skin Moisturizers

    Are you tired of suffering from dry and itchy skin? Have you tried various of lotions and moisturizers only to find the right one for you still not? If you’re ready to get rid of dry skin, then try these body moisturizers.

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    Updating Your Skincare Routine for Spring

    Spring has come, and with it, warmer weather. Since we’re moving past the days of dry and bitterly cold air, it’s good to adjust your skincare routine. It will help your skin prepare for more humid air. Time to stock up your skincare supplies with weather-appropriate products, and here’s how to use them:

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    Heat-Free Ways to Get Curly Hair

    Curls look great on virtually all hair, regardless of color or length. However, sometimes a curling iron just won’t cut it. Some people don’t like the damage that heating products have on their hair, and others don’t feel like putting in the time. There are a few easy and lazy solutions to get heat-free curls in your hair.