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    The Science Behind Cold Brew Coffee

    With summer approaching, you’ve probably heard the term “cold-brew coffee” a hundred times by now. But besides tasting remotely like iced coffee, you may not be aware of what cold-brew coffee is. It would be easy to dismiss it as a trending, more expensive version of iced coffee. Cold-brew, however, is an entirely different type of coffee, which is mostly due to its brewing process and resulting taste.

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    The Benefits of Drinking More Water

    While looked at as boring or plain, water is a crucial resource that we often take for granted. Sugary drinks may taste “better”; however, they are loaded with chemicals and unnatural sweeteners. Water is the best thing to reach for when thirst hits. Here are a few of the health benefits of drinking the infamous liquid.

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    How to Dress Up Your Tea

    For the non-purist, there are several ways to dress up your tea. Whether it’s your morning cuppa or you’re looking to relax, sometimes you want additional flavor. Here are some things to add to your tea to spruce it up a bit.

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    3 Healthy Smoothies

    I wasn’t real keen on this new healthy smoothie ordeal. However, after some testing and figuring out what goes where, I got the hang of it, and so will you. These three healthy smoothies will give you something to go on as you make your recipes.

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    How To Pick Your Local Bar

    The ball is kicked from the corner towards the players lurking in front of the goal. As it bends towards opposing players jockeying for position, a leaping player skillfully snaps his head, directing the ball to the back of the net. A calliope roar erupts as you high five people around you clinking your glasses in elation. You are at your local bar where you always watch your team play. The place where you get immersed in political and philosophical discussions with your friends, acquaintances who are gradually becoming friends and strangers. Like the MacLarens to the characters of How I Met Your Mother or Cheers on Cheers. How did this particular bar become your special place? Whether consciously, out of necessity or by natural progression there are certain reasons why you chose one specific establishment to be your local bar.

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    Infused Water Recipes to Keep Yourself Hydrated

    Infused Water is a simple way to keep your health in balance. While it’s common knowledge that drinking water is extremely beneficial, some don’t feel like always chugging it all day. Why would you when there are things like sodas and juices that have real flavors to them? Well, infused water help bridge the gap…

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    6 Helpful Teas & Their Uses

    If you’re a tea drinker, then you know that there’s a type of tea to cure just about any ailment. That is, those that don’t require stitches. Along with warmth and sweetness, medicinal properties are among the benefits of a good cup of tea. If you’re unaware how incredible tea can be, take a look…

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    Mocktails For Under Age Or Pregnant Individuals

    There is nothing worse than going to a party, surrounded by beer, wine, and all sorts of liquor bottles. Your friends are all enjoying themselves by pouring another drink but unfortunately, you can’t partake. Trying to immerse yourself in the fun without a drink in hand, can make you feel left out or uncomfortable. Sometimes…