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    The Art of Pie

    It was a wise woman who once said, to make a perfect pie, make a pie every day. This is the key, the technique is only half the battle, practice makes perfect.

  • minimize food waste
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    How to Minimize Food Waste

    Do you know that food waste is the single largest component going to methane-generating landfills? According to the US Department of Agriculture, food waste is estimated to be 133 billion lbs, costing $161 billion (2010). Food that could have helped so many hungry families is sent to landfills and all the resources used to bring the food to our homes are wasted.

  • 10 healthy food substitutes
    Food, Healthy

    Wanna Eat Healthier? Substitute these 10 Foods

    Eating healthier doesn’t mean you should completely cut out all foods from your diet. Unless you have dietary restrictions that affect your health, eliminating certain foods has been proven to be ineffective for hitting health goals. Instead, tweak your portions and make substitutions where you can. Suppressing cravings might cause you to binge and lose…

  • eggs, health, wellness
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    The Health Benefits of Eggs

    Eggs can sometimes get a bad rap, due to their fat and cholesterol content, but this is misleading. Eggs can provide a lot of health benefits. Below you will find a few of the many advantages to consuming your favorite breakfast food.

  • Food, Wellness

    Why Registered Dietitians Are Saying Not to Trust Meal Prep Companies

    There are staggering numbers of Meal Prep Companies in the market today. For instance, bistroMD is a meal preparation service targeted towards people who want to lose weight, Per-Made Paleo is for Paleo dieters, Bite Meals for fitness and bodybuilding lovers, and I am not even scratching the surface. However, a video by registered dietitian Kara Corey makes me question the legitimacy of such businesses.

  • Food, Vegetarian

    4 Tasty Vegetarian Spots in South Florida

    I have major respect for people who dedicate their lives to spreading wisdom about the benefits of a plant based diet. Not only is a vegetarian diet beneficial for your health, but a plant based diet also makes the environment a happy camper. I should know, I used to be a vegetarian!

  • Food, Soups & Salads

    5 Pumpkin Soup Recipes to Try this Fall

    There’s no denying the majority of woman (and some men) get excited about pumpkin season. There are pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin scented soaps, and lotions, and sweet pumpkin treats. Let us know forget fall is a time for soups and what better way to warm up on a chilly day with some savory and delicious pumpkin soup.

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    Foods That Can Be Stored for Years

    Stockpiling food that lasts for a long time is important for every family because, in the event of catastrophic emergencies, stored food comes first for survivals to sustain. Knowing which foods to store and how long they will last is the most important task while stockpiling food. Some food has a long shelf life due to the nature of such food, but the key to success is to learn the proper storage techniques to have a lifetime supply of particular food.