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    Can You Really Get Born Again By Accepting Christ?

    In life there are many questions about how the world came about and if God really does exist. Whether you are a believer in God or not it’s not always easy to have faith. Faith is defined by the total and complete trust in something that has not been seen. You are taught that regardless of what kind of life you’ve led by accepting Christ you are born again.

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    Letting God Fill Your Emptiness

    Let’s face it, life is full of disappointments. Making us feel a sort of emptiness. From broken hearts to broken dreams to just things not going the way you planned. We have all faced the trials life came at us with. When these things happen, we try to cover ourselves up.

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    Kingdom Corner: Dealing With Loss

    This week was harrowing. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting shocked the nation. There are so many grieving families and friends. Many are asking where is God in all of this. Well, this week we will take a look at dealing with loss and try to answer some of the lingering questions behind the tragedy on a spiritual level.

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    Opening Your Heart to God

    Opening your heart to God can be difficult. We live in a society that is constantly trying to persuade us to choose sin over God. Along with this, it can be scary to let go and just trust in God wholeheartedly. However, when you finally open your heart up to God, you will be more at peace than you can even imagine.

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    The Best Bible Verses from the New Testament 

    Compiling a list of the best scripture verses in the bible can be exceptionally challenging since each verse can touch someone differently. Plus, all bible verses are abundantly beautiful! Each one has a profound message that can speak to someone’s heart.

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    God Promises to Heal Our Wounds

    Are you dealing with family problems these days? Do you feel unloved, unwanted, and empty by your own family? Always remember that God made you. You are very important to God, and He will always be with you. God promises to heal our wounds when we get hurt, even if our own family hurts us. God also promises us that He will heal the ones who are brokenhearted.

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    Christianity & Feminism: Can They Be Reconciled?

    Let me start this article by saying that I am a Christian and a feminist, so of course, I believe that Christianity and Feminism are reconcilable. In fact, I believe that these two belief systems complement and strengthen each other. It’s because of Christianity that I am a feminist, and I think that Jesus is probably a feminist, too. While this article has its foundations in fact, as I like to think all of my opinions do, it is an opinion article.

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    How to Stay Faithful in a Sinful World 

    As a Christian, I understand the difficulty of staying faithful in a sinful world. Everywhere you look, sin is there. Staying true to your faith and following in the direction of Jesus Christ can be hard. It is supposed to be challenging. We have to work to be followers of Jesus Christ.