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    The Best Winter Vacation Destinations

    Winter is here! I love the winter months. Cold weather, comfy sweaters, and snowy nights are the best combination. Finding the perfect winter vacation destination can be challenging. Whether you are looking for the perfect place to skiing it out or destinations to escape the cold, I have your complete vacation destination list right here. Just keep reading below!

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    What You Should Pack In Your Car’s Emergency Kit

    We all know that a spare tire, a tire jack, and some jumper cables are a must for any driver to keep on hand at all times. We never know when dangerous road conditions or plain bad luck will strike, leaving us stranded. But a good car emergency kit involves more than just the necessities for a flat tire or a dead battery. Here’s what you should always pack in your vehicle to stay safe and prepared.

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    Looking for Love? Try Ibiza

    His dark eyes met mine, and my stomach churned with excitement as he began to walk across the dancefloor towards me. I had been looking for love all week since arriving on this beautiful island for our girls holiday. Perhaps not entirely ‘love,’ but certainly some kind of romance.

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    The Best Bars in the New Orleans Area

    New Orleans is the place to be when looking for the best bars and pubs to explore. From club vibes to laid back, outdoor bars, the New Orleans area has it all. You are sure to find your perfect establishment to have drinks when visiting the Big Easy.

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    Kid-Friendly Travel Guide for New Orleans

    New Orleans is known for its binge drinking, crazy partying, and the notorious Bourbon Street; however, families can also enjoy this unique city as there are countless kid-friendly activities available. Do not let the “Big Easy” stigma stop you from exploring this amazing city with your family. So, below is your perfect kid-friendly travel guide for New Orleans.

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    Safety Traveling on Icy Roads this Holiday Season

    The holidays season between Thanksgiving and Christmas involves a lot of winter travel. If you are visiting relatives up North this year, you have a high possibility of encountering icy roads. We have all seen cars jumbled in the ditch on the news in the wake of a blizzard. Here are a few tips that will keep you safe delivering gifts to your relatives.

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    Recreational Social Activities to Recommend in Your City

    If a new colleague who started working in your company recently, asks you to recommend some fun social activity to do in your city what would you say? Do you have a list of such recreational activities on the top of your head? Most of us, who have been living in one locale for a considerable amount of time have activities that we enjoy doing and are ready to divulge that information.