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    9 Healthy Reasons You Should Get A Pet

    Have you ever felt you need another friend? Interested in adopting a pet? There are different reasons on why you should get a pet. Going to an animal shelter will help you find a friend that you been looking for. Also, you will be helping an animal from a shelter to live in a home that they been wanting for a while.

  • Life, National Days

    Why You Should Wear Pink Today

    The world that we live in today can be cruel. Did you know that on February 26 makes the day that millions of people stand together against anti-bullying? The Pink Shirt Day was developed in the spring of 2007 in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia by two young men by the name of Travis Price and David Sheppard where one of their classmates was being bullied by wearing pink to school.

  • Life

    How to Show Love to Your Pet Today

    Pets are our best friends and they can help us get through the tough times and the good times. They continue to love us and always come home to us. There is nothing like sitting and watching a movie with your dog, cat, fish, etc. Having your animal friend around when you are getting to take a nap, or sitting and watching the sunset or sunrise.

  • Relationships

    Why Communication is Key

    Lately, I’ve noticed something strange in the way some people communicate with others throughout society. A person will greet someone saying something like “Hey, how’s it going”, and the other person will respond with “Hi, how are you”. Neither person will answer each others’ questions. But will continue on with their conversation or go on with their day.

  • Culture, Education, Life

    Everything You Need to Know About Lent

    This time of the year is about observing forty days and forty nights of fast. The amount of time that Christ fasted in the desert. It’s a time of sacrifice. Giving up some little thing to prepare the soul for Christ’s passion death and eventual resurrection on Easter.
    Like pruning the garden for new growth in the spring the soul needs preparation for the coming Easter-tide.

  • Inspirational, Life

    Random Acts of Kindness Day

    What is the word kindness and what does it mean? Kindness means the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate or a kind act. When thinking about different people I have seen and have shown kindness to me, it has warmed my heart.

  • Inspirational, Life

    Importance of Romancing Yourself

    Who doesn’t like a little romance, a bouquet of flowers, a nice dinner date, and gazing up at the stars with your significant other? You get a zoo of animals in your stomach when it happens, and have all these unexplainable blissful feelings. Usually, when we think of romance, we think of couples. Though it is associated with couples, romancing can also apply to yourself as well.

  • Inspirational, Life

    How to Reach Your Potential

    In life, we have the option to take advantage of the opportunities we are granted and work hard in order to reach our potential. You have the potential to live a life full of accomplishments. You have the potential to take over the world. How do you actually accomplish those goals?