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    The Art of Comics by A Sketch Artist

    The lore of superheroes is widely acknowledged in comics. With hundreds of superheroes with varying degrees of superpowers emanating from places like Krypton and Atlantis to Gotham, the allurement is indispensable. Therefore, millions of fans have adored their favorite hero in the form of comic books for decades.

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    Mandatory Summer Blockbusters

    With the hottest time of the year comes some of the hottest and most anticipated films. While some might find this summer’s lineup a bit flat with its array of sequels (Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars, Planet of the Apes), there are still some that seem worth your while.

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    Top 5 Superhero Movies

    Here is a list of five superhero films that I would consider my favorite. Disclaimer, I have individual biases. So, as badly as Spiderman probably deserves a spot on this list somewhere, I just couldn’t spin it. (See what I did there?)

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    Top Five Films of 2002

    Hopefully, everyone has enjoyed my top five film series. I covered ten years ago and twenty years ago; now, it’s time to meet in the middle. 2002 was a time when Tom Brady just won his first Super Bowl, American Idol just debuted, and Nelly’s Band-Aid would’ve had a million Instagram followers if it existed.

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    Top Five Films of 1997

    Nostalgia takes up about ninety percent of the internet. We love to look back and rediscover the things we loved in everything from music, movies, and fashion. Last week, I decided to look back a decade at the best films of 2007.

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    Top Five Best Films of 2007

    The top five best films of 2007 are some of the greatest of the entire decade. These films are directed by some of the greatest to ever step on a film set. After reading this list, be sure to IMDb 2007, because there are a great number of films that I missed.

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    5 Movie Villains You Will Love to Hate

    What is a hero without a good villain? Batman has made several points on the subject, and any good movie has a great foil somewhere in the plot. The villain must be viable, vicious, dangerous, and must make the audience fall in love with the hero of the story. However, sometimes watching the vile antics…

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    Top 5 Best Picture Winners of the “Millennial Era” (1982-2004)

    The Oscars this past Sunday created a great amount of buzz. The Academy Award for Best Picture is the greatest honor a film can be given. This award is always the main event of the Oscars, and it was one of the wildest endings ever. Not to be outdone by this year’s roller coaster Super Bowl, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty were given the wrong envelope, causing a great deal of confusion. The award was given to the musical La-La Land when the Academy had awarded the Best Picture award to the Barry Jenkins helmed drama Moonlight. The gaffe may have hurt the image of the awards, but it may have been the best thing for the two films mixed up in confusion. They say any press is good press, so hopefully, it gets more eyes on these great films.