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    The Art of Comics by A Sketch Artist

    The lore of superheroes is widely acknowledged in comics. With hundreds of superheroes with varying degrees of superpowers emanating from places like Krypton and Atlantis to Gotham, the allurement is indispensable. Therefore, millions of fans have adored their favorite hero in the form of comic books for decades.

  • Self-education by Pixabay via Pexels

    The Importance of Self-Education

    Before the internet there was self-education. But given all the factors involved, it was not as easy. Now, with the internet, although it can be simple, it is not so for each and every person.

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    This is Why You Should Start Reading!

    Reading has become abandoned. But many still love it. If you are one of those that love it, you will more when you learn the many benefits it gives. And if you do not read, you can still learn why you should.

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    How to Study to Pass

    Having not studied, you will fail. Many, when they have studied, still fail. How can you study to pass? In learning how to study to pass, you need to account for things that affect studying.

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    Book Review: Darkness Take My Hand

    This week, we turn to the gritty Boston world of Kenzie and Gennaro. Dennis Lehane’s writing seems to hit home on every level. However, what really makes his work resonate is his characters. They bring color to a world that is seemingly being painted black. The brilliant follow up to A Drink Before the War ups the stakes in every way.

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    Book Review: Finders Keepers

    One of my initial reviews on this weekly segment was Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. Stephen King’s Bill Hodges was too strong of a character to limit to one novel. The sequel to Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers, is a follow-up that jumps between a crime committed in 1978 and the present day which takes place not long after the events of Mr. Mercedes.

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    Book Review: A Drink Before The War

    A private investigator series could be very cliched, very formulaic, and very dull. Heightened drama doesn’t exist if you know the heroes will be around twenty novels later. Without any more gushing, here is my review of A Drink Before the War.

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    A Brief History of: The National Hockey League (NHL)

    The inaugural edition of yet another weekly article will focus on one of my favorite institutions, hockey. The fact this season is the 100th in league history just adds icing to the cake; this is a subject that was difficult to go into for me without writing a book. However, my goal is for readers with no knowledge of hockey to come away with some solid facts that may lead to watching a game.