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    A Brief History of Fast Food

    Regardless of race, social status, and location, everyone is at the mercy of time. You can’t buy more, but several people try in various ways to make good use of what they have. Fast food is a billion dollar industry that has rapidly grown due to the rise of two income households.

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    A Brief History of Netflix

    A company that is just celebrating its twentieth birthday has made huge leaps and bounds since its inception. Everyone knows about Netflix, and several major stars have signed contracts to star in films and series for the premier on demand company. Here is a brief history on Netflix, which has a brief enough history as it is.

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    A Brief History Of: Robert Morris University

    College can be some of the best years of your life. For me, it was a great learning experience mixed with fun and frustration. However, with my upcoming graduation impending, I decided to make this week’s brief history on my Alma Mater. Robert Morris University is a small private school just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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    A Brief History of: The National Hockey League (NHL)

    The inaugural edition of yet another weekly article will focus on one of my favorite institutions, hockey. The fact this season is the 100th in league history just adds icing to the cake; this is a subject that was difficult to go into for me without writing a book. However, my goal is for readers with no knowledge of hockey to come away with some solid facts that may lead to watching a game.