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    Book Review: Darkness Take My Hand

    This week, we turn to the gritty Boston world of Kenzie and Gennaro. Dennis Lehane’s writing seems to hit home on every level. However, what really makes his work resonate is his characters. They bring color to a world that is seemingly being painted black. The brilliant follow up to A Drink Before the War ups the stakes in every way.

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    Book Review: Finders Keepers

    One of my initial reviews on this weekly segment was Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. Stephen King’s Bill Hodges was too strong of a character to limit to one novel. The sequel to Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers, is a follow-up that jumps between a crime committed in 1978 and the present day which takes place not long after the events of Mr. Mercedes.

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    Book Review: A Drink Before The War

    A private investigator series could be very cliched, very formulaic, and very dull. Heightened drama doesn’t exist if you know the heroes will be around twenty novels later. Without any more gushing, here is my review of A Drink Before the War.