The Carlin: The Active Woman’s Accessory

Let’s be honest, us active woman who are on the go find it difficult and time consuming to style our hair everyday. Whether you have a busy day, or physically active we sometimes just don’t have the time. Mihoko, the creator of The Carlin she talks about how she had to “make the daily choice between waking up an hour earlier to make my hair presentable for work, or get a much-needed extra hour of sleep”.

The Carlin purpose is to simplify and improve the time women spend getting ready. The hair accessory can have you spending 15 seconds or less doing your hair while creating a “sleek, polished updo”. With it’s unique patent pending design you can adjust the tightness of the updo while keep your hair held neatly in place. Another great feature of The Carlin is the accessory molds to the shape of your head to avoid painful pressure points. With the accessory maid from velvet it not only protects your hair from tangling but also helps with flyways! “When you remove The Carlin you’ll have soft, frizz-free waves”.



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