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Why Bumble is the Best Dating App

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Released at the close of 2014, the dating app Bumble put a new spin on the internet dating scene. Men and women could swipe right or left, à la Tinder, but only women can initiate a conversation after a match. The app was hailed as the “feminist” Tinder by several sources as a result of this decision. How does Bumble stack up against other apps? It’s the best one by far; here is why.

Familiar Interface

Bumble takes a lot of cues from Tinder; you swipe right or left, and view your matches in a similar fashion to the popular app. But the interface is cleaner, and there are significantly fewer bugs than with Tinder’s regular updates. Similarly, the app uses Facebook for convenience in setting up your profile. You can, however, adjust your profile in-app as you would with Tinder. This familiarity makes it easy to adapt to as opposed to other apps with more complex formats.

Women Initiate Conversation on Bumble

There’s a serious difference in user experience on most dating apps by gender. Women get disproportionate matches from men, and women can end up wading through a sea of emails from male users to find ideal matches among them. In turn, men can be lost in that shuffle and end up with several matches but no replies; this creates a negative experience for everyone involved.

With Bumble, matches rely on the women to initiate the conversation. First, this process facilitates ideal matches more than the simple left or right swipe. Second, this ensures that women and men are talking with the matches that they want to. Lastly, this takes the pressure off of men to force out one-liners or strange responses to catch someone’s eye in a crowded inbox. This allows for free-flowing, natural conversation that can be hard to come by on similar sites.

No Limit on Matches

Anyone who uses Tinder regularly knows that there are limits to likes you can have per day. It can be frustrating when you sift through multiple women and find someone you would like to match with only to be shut down by a swipe limit. Insofar as I can tell, Bumble does not have this limitation.

Bumble should be quite a revelation for both men and women that regularly use dating apps. The app sets up both sexes for success in their dating endeavors, and creates organic, no pressure matches that people crave. Download Bumble free from the app store, and give it a try.

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