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Brighten Up Your Home With These Quick Fixes

If you’ve been blessed with a beautiful home with natural sunlight that reaches into every corner of your home then, please, read no further. You’ve found the perfect home that comes naturally lit. However, if your home has few windows, then by all means, continue. Adding a lamp to every corner of your home can feel forced or give off that unnaturally, too bright, light. There are easier ways to brighten up your home without adding a new lamp to your room. Give your room a new and inviting feel without crowding your room with unnatural light sources. Here are a few quick fixes to help brighten up your home.

Light Furniture

Assuming that the family rooms of your home have some source of natural light, this can be an easy way to bring it in and make your room feel bigger. Replace your dark colored furniture with cream, white, or off-white furniture. Yes, your dark couch hid the jelly and coffee stains but a lighter colored couch will help to make the room feel brighter. Add a white rug to the room so the sunlight from your window reflects off of it and bounces that sunlight all over the room. You don’t have to have an all white living room, but a few bright pieces of furniture will help to make the room brighter and bigger. It will also help with that electricity bill so you’re not using so much electricity with extra lamps.


Keep the walls of your home bright so they feel bigger. Instead of the deep maroon paint, go for a light blue or green. The colors are neutral and will have a calming effect to them and help to make your home feel brighter. Make sure to keep your paint choices consistent with the rest of your house. If you’ve got a blue living room, make sure the kitchen is a light green, or purple. Don’t just paint your kitchen brown or neon yellow. By keeping your home color cohesive, it brighten the entire house and doesn’t make it seem crowded with the different color themes. A light paint for your home will help the room by allowing the sunlight to reflect off the walls and give the illusion that there’s sunlight in your home.


Keep flowers on the side tables, kitchen table, and the counters whenever possible. Allowing this naturally grown object to dwell in your home will brighten it up since flowers are grown with the help of sunshine and water. Flowers represent a happy, sunny day. This is the feeling you want everyone to have who walks through your door. Keeping flowers by the windows or where the sun can reach will help them last longer, but it will also draw everyone’s eyes to the flowers to compliment them.


Keep the blackout curtains in the hotel room. In your home, you should have curtains thin enough that they will allow natural light in during the day but keep people from staring into your house at night or when you’re not home. Don’t put curtains up to keep the sunlight out, your room will always have a feeling of being in a cave. If you can’t find curtains that will keep strangers from looking in or blurring the contents of your home from the outside, keep thicker curtains tied up until the sun goes down. That way no one can see into your home when the sun goes down, but during the day when you’re home, you can let natural light in still with a thinly lain curtain.

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