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A Brief History of Action Sports

Life doesn’t always present us with heart-pounding excitement. Living can sometimes turn dull or boring, and this can get under our skin quite a bit. When living becomes safe, repetitive, or stale, we as human beings need some risk, adrenaline, and danger to remind ourselves of how fragile life can be. The human lifespan is too short to only whither away without enjoying the time given. While some may spend their time in other activities, some people participate in action sports to find this energizing rush of life.

What are Action Sports?

Action sports, also known as extreme sports, are pretty much any stunts where your life is at risk. Some over the years have become more organized than others. When an action sport becomes more established, it becomes included in major competitions like the X Games and even the OlympicsLists of action sports are spread all over the internet with some varying from others. Each action sport also has its own community which maintains the sport’s presence throughout the world. Plenty of disciplines fill the world of action sports, each with its own history. While there are many action sports to delve into, let’s focus on some of the more common disciplines’ histories.

Inline Skating

Skates seem to have been around for a very long time. The first pair of ice skates is said to be from about 3000 B.C. But the first pair of roller inline skates dates back to around the 18th century. In 1995, the X Games added the discipline of aggressive inline skating to their list of sporting events; only to remove it in 2005. The popularity of inline skating has decreased over the years. But the thrill and amazement of inline skating are still there for many to see.


These contraptions have been feeding riders adrenaline since around the mid-1960s or 1970s. A 1972 motorcycle documentary “On Any Sunday,” showed kids going off-road on their Schwinn Sting-Ray bikes. The sport has been a hit ever since. Some bikers race on dirt as others perform insane tricks at skate parks and random spots throughout the streets of the world. BMX bikes and their riders are still very much around today. The sport is still in competitions like the X Games. And if you go to any skate park which allows them, I’m sure you’ll see a BMX rider there exciting the crowd.


The first account of surfing is said to date back to the 15th century. Kings, queens, and the people of Hawaii enjoyed the sport of “‘he’enalu'” or “wave-sliding.” But the first records of surfing appeared back in the 17th century. Today, surfers fill the waters of the world, catching tremendous waves everywhere. You can also find surf competitions happening all the time in favorite surf locations. If you’re looking to get that heart pumping, why not take some surf lessons or bring a board to the beach the next time you go!


The first skateboards were made in the 1950s. However, the action sport got its spark when surfers in Venice Beach and Santa Monica used skateboards to surf on land in the 1970s. Soon after, skateboarding would continue to gain popularity as more and more people picked up a board. In the times of today, skateboarders fill skateparks all around the world. The sport is still one of the most prominent disciplines in action sports competitions and has recently produced new tournaments like the Street League Nike SB World Tour.

The Future of Action Sports

Many actions sports exist in which an individual can escape the dull, dreary clutches of life. These games continue to excel and entertain as the years go on. More and more action sports like freestyle scooter riding are created every day for individuals to enjoy. These sports keep the progression of action sports pushing forward as does technology. With new technological advances, action sports become safer, more manageable, and more exciting as the technology is presented. Hopefully, action sports will continue to thrive, and put that electrifying spark in our lives for your years to come.

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