Books to Become a Better You

The only person you spend your entire life with yourself. Learning to love yourself fully can be a challenge, but no one said you have to get there alone. Not one second spent on self-improvement is a second wasted. Self-help books are like food for the soul. Indulge in these three reads to build the path to becoming a better you.

A Motivational Book 

The Power of Positive Thinking Paperback by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale isn’t an international bestseller for nothing. This book uses faith and inspiration to teach you how to banish negative thoughts. It has easy to follow steps on how to achieve fulfillment in life, and provides techniques to energize your life and how to reach your goals. You will learn how to improve your relationships and end worrying, and will walk away from this book with newfound power and determination to love yourself.

An Inspirational Book

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself is a guide to breaking past feelings of limitations. This book is a guide on how to end self-doubt. It teaches you ways to develop inner peace and true happiness. We can’t help others in life if we haven’t started with ourselves. We must build true happiness from within first. Learning how to end negative thoughts that limit your capabilities is the key to success. This book will challenge your relationship with yourself and how you view the world and will teach you how to let go of the past and flourish in the future.

A Self-Love Book 

The best medicine is laughter. Learning how to laugh at yourself through life will make it a thousand times more enjoyable. Why Not Me? By Mindy Kaling is a collection of essays that are funny, insightful and deeply personal. Follow Mindy on her journey to find contentment and excitement in her adult life. This book inspires you to embrace the awkward moments in life because they only make you stronger.

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