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Books To Read This Holiday Season

The holidays are not just for celebrating the season and getting together with family and friends, it’s also a chance to give yourself some much needed quality time and maybe catch up on your reading. Though you probably have your own pile of to-be-read books that’s been steadily growing on your nightstand, we would love to give you a few more suggestions! Here are some great books to curl up with this season.

If you’re looking for something new, take a look at these novels that have just recently been released or are coming out in the next month.

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories by Stephen King: Horror may not seem like the kind of stuff you read during the holidays, but if you’re a big fan of Stephen King and his type of literature, it doesn’t really matter when you get to read his latest collection of stories as long as you’re enjoying yourself.

Avenue of Mysteries by John Irving: This new book by one of the world’s beloved authors takes readers through a story of fate and of how memories from our past can affect our future. It’s about an older man who goes on a trip and carries with him his dreams and memories.

The Two of Us: A Novel by Andy Jones: This book is about staying in love after the initial honeymoon phase. There’s no time like the holidays to delve into a charming love story told from the perspective of the guy.

The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto: A Novel by Mitch Albom: This book releases on the 10th and it promises to be a “magical” story that readers will enjoy, whether they like music or not. The novel tells of music prodigy Frankie Pesto who becomes the greatest guitarist in the world but becomes overwhelmed when he realizes that his gift can really affect people’s lives.

If you want to get in on what most people are reading these days, check out these current bestsellers.

All the Light We Cannot See  by Anthony Doerr: This Pulitzer Prize winner about a blind French girl and a German boy who meet in France during the second World War was years in the making. Readers praise it not only for its incredible story but also for its beautiful prose.

The Immortal Nicholas  by Glen Beck: This book by the national bestselling author reimagines the story of Christmas by integrating the stories of St. Nicholas and Christ. The novel aims to help readers see beyond the gifts and shopping usually associated with the season and return to the true meaning of the holiday.

The Martian  by Andy Weir: Already well known for being the basis of a Hollywood blockbuster, this book is really just about a man trying to survive and get back home after being left alone on another planet. It’s technical, it’s science fiction, but it’s also full of human drama both from the side of the Mars-bound astronaut experiencing everything on his own and the Earth-bound people watching it unfold.

Of course, we can’t do a holiday reading list without mentioning classic favorites. Here are some of the novels that many book lovers go back to during the season.

A Christmas Carol  by Charles Dickens: This novella has captured the hearts of many since it was first published in 1943. Who isn’t familiar with the story of Scrooge and his life-changing experiences with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future? This is a book you really can’t go wrong with.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (The Chronicles of Narnia, Book 2) by C. S. Lewis: This well-known story about four siblings who find themselves in a magical land called Narnia is perfect for any season, and, even if you have already read it before or have already seen the film, this first book in the Chronicles of Narnia series always has something new for the reader.

Polar Express 30th anniversary edition by Chris Van Allsburg: This is another Christmas story that never gets old. This classic children’s book about a boy who boards a train headed for the North Pole can make any reader believe in the spirit of Christmas once again.

What book are you excited to read this holiday season? Do you have a favorite book that you always go back to every year? Share with us in the comments below!

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  • I definitely hope to catch up on some reading soon! You have a great list here; I am looking forward to reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert in the near future!

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I really do need to get back in to reading. I used to all the time. I’ve gotten lazy in the literature department.

  • You welcome! 🙂 Let us know how you like it!

  • You welcome! 🙂

  • Thanks for dropping by, Julie! I’ve been seeing Big Magic all around and it looks like a great read. 🙂

  • We all have our reading ruts! I find that re-reading an old favorite sometimes helps. Thanks for dropping by, Kristin! 🙂

  • I Really want to read the book series by William Joyce , Guardians of Childhood. I’ve flipped through a few of the picture books of them and now am eager to get my hands on the whole stories!

  • Haven’t read the series either, but the picture books are gorgeous. I’d love to read them, too, one day! 🙂