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Book Review: Finders Keepers

One of my initial reviews on this weekly segment was Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. Stephen King’s Bill Hodges was too strong of a character to limit to one novel. The sequel to Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers, is a follow-up that jumps between a crime committed in 1978 and the present day which takes place not long after the events of Mr. Mercedes.

The Story

We start the story in the year 1978. Morris Bellamy is a criminal with a major agenda, involving the heist of some notebooks from the home of reclusive author John Rothstein. Things turn violent, and Bellamy ends up hiding the notebooks before being arrested for a different crime. Morris desperately waits for his chance to reclaim his stolen haul.

Flash forward to the present, and Pete Saubers is desperate. His father was seriously injured by the heinous crime detailed in Mr. Mercedes, and it is taking a toll on their marriage and his family. Pete goes out into the woods and finds a buried treasure that leads to his family’s recovery. Little does he know that a recently released Morris is out for what he had hidden years before. Finally, we see Hodges and his crew from book one enter the scene to help Pete, but they may be too late.

The Verdict

Stephen King delivers another faced paced and gripping novel. Although Hodges doesn’t come into play until later, this is a strong sequel to Mr. Mercedes. New characters keep the sequel from being repetitive of the original. The second book of the series gives us an entirely new story and does an excellent job of showing us the aftermath of the first novel. We get a connection to the first novel without it feeling forced or contrived for the sake of cashing in with a sequel. If anything, this books event shows how vile and despicable the acts of the first novel truly were.

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