Book List For Your Fall Reading

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, but sometimes I have a hard time picking out which book to read! Unfortunately, I tend to get overwhelmed with all the book options: should I read an older classic or something newer? When you find yourself in the same boat, here are a few suggestions for a good read!

When Breath Becomes Air

A work of non-fiction by Paul Kalanithi, who spent his last months of life writing this book after learning he had cancer with only 22 months to live. Kalanithi was a doctor whose book were both intimate and illuminating. He writes about how he spent so much of his life pursuing a career in neurosurgery that he put off living, and when he was finally ‘ready’ to live it was time for him to learn to die. Lucy Kalanithi, his wife who is still living (also a doctor) had to finish her husband’s manuscript posthumously.

The Woman in Cabin 10

A work of fiction by Ruth Ware that tells the story of Laura Blacklock who is a writer for a British travel magazine. Blacklock goes on assignment to cover a cruise trip to see the Northern Lights. Her first night on the cruise she is awoken from her deep sleep by some noise (possibly a scream?) followed by a splash coming from Cabin 10’s balcony. She runs out to her own balcony and thinks she sees a hand disappear into the water. Blacklock attempts to convince the officers onboard of what she witnessed, but no one believes her when all passengers are accounted for. What does it all mean?

Ninth City Burning

A work of science fiction by J. Patrick Black about an alien race invading Earth, and they bring with them a weapon so powerful it can change the entire universe. This force is called thelemity. A span of 500 years pass and Earth still wages war against the aliens. The humans that can control thelemity are sent to the front lines, and anyone who does not support the war is exiled to the wild places of Earth. The strategies of their enemies are changing, but as a new onslaught approaches heroes will rise to fight back.

Leave Me

A work of fiction by Gayle Forman tells the story of an overworked mom who does not even notice that she is having a heart attack because she is so busy. Once she realizes what is going on Maribeth Klein goes to the hospital for heart surgery. But during recovery she cannot fully recuperate because her family relies so heavily on her. At her wits end she packs a bag and leaves. While away from her family she starts to learn the real reason she is running.

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