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Blonde or Bust: How to Safely Bleach Your Hair

There is something so alluring about bleaching your hair. Stripping away, the color can bring out a completely new person, and if you are looking for a huge overhaul to your look, then it will definitely do the trick. Such an extreme process is not without its risks, though, and if you do not go about bleaching safely, your hair can and will suffer. No one can be a hot blonde if their follicles are falling out, so make sure that you know what you’re doing if you don’t want to spend the money at the salon. Consider pushing it back if you do not have the funds, too–DIY hair jobs are notorious for going south. If you are absolutely dead set on doing it at home, though, be sure to follow these tips.

Remember that it is a process. Your hair is not going to lighten five shades in three hours. Often, with darker tones, it can take months for it to reach the beach blonde you see in magazines. If you put too much bleach on it, it’ll cause irreversible dryness and even hair loss, so make sure not to jump the gun, no matter how much you want it to be an overnight change. Gradually lighten your hair in month increments, three weeks at least if you cannot wait.

Do not skip over products. Coconut oil is great if you are going blonde–dunk (that’s right, dunk) your head into a vat and then put it in a shower cap the night before the big day. Unwrap it in the morning and then bleach as planned. The oil will not only help the bleach process faster, but it will also keep your hair soft and help you avoid the resulting stiffness. Along with that, condition, condition, condition. Bleaching completely strips the follicles of their natural oils, and they will need a lot of help being restored to their former texture.

Put the hair dryer down. Once you bleach, even once, your hair is changed forever. It will break off in your hands if you subject it to too much heat. When you get out of the shower, pat your head dry gently, like a new tattoo, and let the rest air-dry. In addition, do not even think about a straightener or a curling iron unless you want to be bald and have to go wig shopping. You are going to lose hair no matter how careful you are, but doing this will decrease it significantly.

Stop washing it so often. Post-bleach, wash it once a week tops. Remember those oils we talked about? Over washing is another detriment to them replenishing; paired with the fact that your hair will be a completely different texture, it is just not a healthy choice. Keep up with the deep conditioning, but leave the damaging soaps on the shelf for a few months.

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