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Binge Watching TV Series Versus The Never-Ending Movie

Ever since streaming services like Netflix blessed our television sets with their presence, binge-watching TV series has become quite popular. Now, viewers can easily go onto streaming apps and watch eight seasons of their favorite shows conveniently. Some may sit there for five hours watching episodes of a television series. While some will sit for only an hour watching one episode. Either way, streaming services, and binge-watching TV shows has opened the door to whole new ways of viewing other content. Some movies that were agonizing to sit and watch may now be more bearable to watch with the new ways of watching TV series.

The Dreadful Three Hour Movie

Movies that exceed three hours in length particularly get a major boost from this new binge-watching style of enjoying television series. I’ve seen so many people who used to say, “that movie is way too long for me”, watch four hours of a TV series on Netflix. Which makes me wonder why would they say a movie that is over three hours long is too much for them. If you can watch four straight episodes of the Netflix original series, “Stranger Things”, then you can sit through over three hours of a fantastic movie.

A Great Story

To not want to watch a movie because it is so long is criminal in itself. Some of these three hours plus movies have some spectacular storylines which result in a beautiful blockbuster. From “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013) to “Titanic” (1997), the long-lasting beauty does not cease. Like, who doesn’t want to see Legolas single-handedly take down a giant wooly mammoth carrying loads of deadly mercenaries in “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (2003) These films are packed with moments and scenes that you will remember for times to come.

Just Like a TV Series

A thing to remember when watching these everlasting movies is that you don’t have to watch them all at once. You can watch it in fractions with intervals in between. Watch some now, and some later. Just like watching a TV series on Netflix. I wouldn’t think you’re expected to watch the whole season of a television show all at once, right? While watching the whole movie straight through would be great. It might be difficult to stay awake or fit it into one’s busy schedule. Watch some of the movies now and simply pick up where you left off. The thought of what happens next will have you anticipating the moment you can go home and continue watching.

Opening New Doors

Binge watching TV series and the new technology of the streaming app seems to be presenting not only new films and such but new ways of watching television as well. It kind of gets you really excited about future technologies and how they will shape the way we watch TV. Just the other day a friend of mine was saying how he might give “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy a try. But never did because they were so long. He binge watches many shows on Netflix and I wouldn’t be surprised if this influenced his decision. Don’t let the length of a movie intimidate you into not watching it. Sit down and enjoy that three hours plus movie however you’d like to. You never know, you might find a new favorite.


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