Bible Journaling

For us to maintain our close relationship with God, it is important to not only read and listen to the spoken word but also to write to him. Written communication with God is just as important as verbal communication; in fact, Bible journaling can also enable you to see how far you have grown in your relationship with God.

Expressing Our Feelings

Bible journaling is a way for us to be able to write about what we may be feeling that day and what we would like God to help us with. Perhaps we are experiencing lots of anxiety about a particular situation. If we can write about our feelings, it becomes easier to reflect on and understand them.

Communication Through the Written Word

Sometimes the best way to communicate is through the written word. It can help us to delve into our innermost thoughts and feelings that we may have not even realized were there in the first place. We can take Bible study classes, read Bible verses, and even attend church while applying these lessons to our daily lives in our Bible journal. Perhaps we might even consider what a particular Bible verse or sermon can tell us. What kind of impact could this have on our lives?

Better Understanding of the World

When we seek God’s guidance and are continually seeking His knowledge, He will provide. Through the written word, we can begin to better understand God, ourselves, the world around us, and our purpose and place within the world.

How do you journal while reading the Bible? Let us know below!

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