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Best Tiny Accessories On Etsy

Etsy offers many wonderful items, many of the best tiny rtccessories you can find online.  I can spend hours on the site shopping and daydreaming, and buying jewelry from Etsy is probably my biggest vice.  I absolutely adore the silver pieces I have bought through Etsy, and I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite with you, so I contacted four different outstanding shops.  All four got back to me within a day, and really wanted to participate.  These four ladies are wonderful examples of the artisans on Etsy, not only for their work, but for the caliber of their businesses and personal character.  They were all very enthusiastic about being included, and they obviously take great care in crafting their products.  Definitely check out their shops for some of the cutest tiny accessories on Etsy.


I bought a pair of earrings from Lucie a few weeks ago.  They arrived from Quebec within a week, and I absolutely adore them!  Largely, Lucie’s inspiration comes from nature, and interesting geometries and textures.  Much of her work involves a contrast between oxidized and polished finishes, and almost all of her jewelry is delightfully tiny.  She offers rings in custom sizes, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, most with finish options as well.



Claire Losekoot lives in Greece, and she creates some of the sweetest tiny accessories of animals on Etsy.  Her work may appear simple, but what Claire does takes great skill, particularly when working on such a tiny scale.  Check out Claire’s itty bitty bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings in sterling silver and solid gold.  She has some of the best variety of silver animals available as well, so zoozjewelry is definitely worth a look.


These have to be some of the most adorable things you’ve ever seen!  Candi Leung’s creations rank in my top earrings of all time because her tiny accessories will go with almost any style.  From her home base in Hong Kong, she makes some of my favorite tiny earrings, like her WuTang studs and the asymmetrical llamas pictured above.  Candi will even personalize certain items with a name or initials, like her cat earrings featuring your pet’s name.


Cindy of JamberJewels makes her amazing tiny accessories in California, and her work absolutely blows me away.  Her origami pieces (I’m in love with the elephant) are incredible, with detail fine enough to give you a headache.  Some of today’s creations are suitable for children, but Cindy made a section of her shop with jewelry designed just for kids, and her grown-up work is delicate and stunning as well.

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