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Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $25

Receiving secret Santa gifts has always been an interesting experience. You either get a gift that you know is from your best friend or you get something from someone you’ve spoken to only a handful of times or just don’t know as well. Trying to pick the best secret Santa gift for someone can be a challenge, especially when you’re on a budget. Sure, you can go for the stocking full of candy but how exciting is that? It’s so generic and thoughtless that it’s almost no fun to receive. The best secret Santa gifts always have some thoughtfulness and creativity thrown into them so even if you don’t know your secret Santa very well, it’s still a fun gift to get. Here are the best secret Santa gifts to give that are under $25.

Polish Sets

Make-up gurus will love this. Picking out make-up for people is tough since everyone has their own style but nail polish is pretty easy to pick. Its fun, creative, and will show that you pay attention to what your secret Santa is interested in. You can pick up a set of 6 different nail polish colors from Urban Outfitters this Christmas for $18. It’ll give your secret Santa different colors to choose from so even if they hate one color, chances are they’ll love another.

UO 6 Piece Nail Polish Set $18

Deborah Lippmann
Ice Queen Nail Polish Set $

NAILS INC. The Soft Metals Nail Polish Collection $19

Coffee Mug

Mugs are a great secret Santa gift! Everyone can always use more coffee mugs. As a religious coffee drinker, I can happily say that finding a witty and comical mug never ceases to cheer me up. Even if your secret Santa doesn’t drink coffee, mugs can be useful for tea, chicken broth, soup, or the famous brownie-in-a-mug that everyone is becoming experts at making. Society 6 features mugs with David Bowie’s face, Star Wars, sarcastic sayings, and inspirational themes on them. These start at $13.50 and trust me when I say they have a mug for everyone.




Cigarette Box

This gift isn’t endorsing cigarette smoking like it sounds. For someone who does smoke though this is a clever gift. This year, gift the gift of classic literature in the form of a cigarette carton. The Ernest Hemingway Cigarette Box Books are a great gift for a smoking secret Santa or just someone who knows who Ernest Hemingway is and can appreciate this bit of history. For $11.25, this will include two of Hemingway’s books, both cigarette carton sized! The font is easy to read and the best part is, these classic books will fit in any bag your cigarettes will fit in.

Cigarette Holder Case Wood Box Indian Decor by ShalinIndia $9

Ernest Hemingway Cigarette Box Books $12

Cigarette Case $25

Cards Against Humanity

By now, everyone is familiar with this game. This is a brilliant game for those with a strong stomach and a twisted sense of humor. I’ve struggled to find someone who actually owns it though, since it isn’t sold in stores like Target. Amazon stocks this unique card game for $25. This purchase is also a qualifying Amazon Prime gift so as an extra bonus, you’ll get free shipping.

Cards Against Humanity $25


There is nothing better than curling up on a cold winters night in a fuzzy blanket with a cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows; unless those marshmallows are infused with Bourbon. Or how about roasting a Fireball marshmallow infused s’more? These marshmallow sets are sold by Wondermade for $24 and are guaranteed to warm your secret Santa up this winter. If Bourbon or Fireball isn’t your speed, they also offer Champagne, peppermint, or vanilla.

Gold Champagne Marshmallows $25

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