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The Best Places to Buy Gifts For Men

Don’t you wish that buying gifts for other was as easy as buying them for yourself? You’d know exactly what to get them for birthdays and Christmas. Sadly, the game of gift giving is still being played and lost every year. One of the hardest gifts to buy is for the men in your life. Whether it’s a brother, father, boyfriend, husband, or son I always have the hardest time finding something that they will truly love and use. I’ve spent many December days’ internet hunting and mall shopping to find the perfect gift for them. Here are a few places to find the best gifts for those men in your life.


This is the perfect place to find gifts for your adventurous guy. Moosejaw specializes in outdoor gear. Anything from a pair of hiking boots to get you across Costa Rica to a winter jacket to keep you warm in Iceland, you’ll find it here. You can also find the latest GoPro and Shinola watches at Moosejaw. While the website is going to be the easiest place to find your gift, they do have a few stores around the United States. If you happen to be traveling to Michigan, Kansas City, or Boulder stop in and experience the unique vibe Moosejaw offers.


This is another great pick for any of the men in your life. Dress them up in a nice collar shirt and sweater for the holidays. It’s also the perfect place to buy your brother that new pea coat he’s been eyeing to dress his closet up with. Not only do they specialize in this classic look for men, but H&M also has a wide selection of hats, scarves, driving gloves, bags, and belts.

Uncommon Goods

This is one of the best places to start if you’re not sure of their interests. Uncommon Goods has just about everything you can think of. Their gifts are very unique so you can rest assured that the men in your life won’t have another Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit or Smartphone Sanitizer. They also offer customizable gifts such as a customizable New York Times Football Book for the sports fan in your life.

Shop Small, Shop Local

This isn’t so much a specific store as it is the idea of a store but bear with me. I love gift hunting for the most unique thing I can find for each of the men in my life. I don’t want to buy my dad another book about fishing or my brother another tie I know he won’t wear. Instead of shopping in the big, brand name stores, I always check out my locally owned, family shops. There’s a little shop right by my house called Rail and Anchor and I can usually find creative gifts when I go in there. These little, one-of-a-kind shops specialize in things that Target or Wal-Mart won’t carry. I know my guy friends and family appreciate the thought of a unique gift instead of a tee-shirt or gift card.

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