How to be the Best Gift Giver

It was 11:00AM on a Saturday. I pulled into the crowded parking lot of the mall. Hesitantly, I grabbed my purse and headed for the entrance, daunted by the task at hand. I had to figure out what gift I was going to buy for my one of my close friends, and I was a horrible gift giver. I would go to the store completely clueless and leave with some random gift I hoped they’d like. Gift giving can feel intimidating for some, but I have 3 easy steps that help you to give gifts that will wow your friends and acquaintances.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to the conversations you have with your friends. What have they been interested in lately. Maybe they’ve been raving about a new play or maybe they’ve been looking at a phone case online. Think about what they like to do. Do they enjoy writing? Get them a beautiful journal. Are they into movies? Get them a gift card to their favorite movie theater. You know, the one with the good seats.

If you’re good friends, you won’t have to fish for it. They’ll tell you in normal conversation what they’re into. If you’re dealing with acquaintances, then think about how you know them. Do you work with them? You can learn a lot about a person by their workspace. Do they have cute knickknacks on their desk? Find a knickknack that’s meaningful to give to them.

Plan Ahead

You don’t want to wait until the last moment to go shopping. Why? You’ll end up anxiously grabbing something you’re not proud of and something they don’t want. Trust me. I’ve done it before. So, give yourself enough time to decide on what you’ll get and how much that will cost. If you plan on ordering something online, account for shipping time and costs.

Be Thoughtful

This is the most important step! Getting your friend a journal because they love to write is a good gift. However, getting your friend who loves to write a moleskin journal that they’ve been looking at online, and then writing a personalized note or quote inside the cover is the best gift. You want your gifts to have more value than their price tag. That’s what makes a great gift.

Think about it. How would you feel if your friend gave you a $100 gift card to buy the watch you’ve wanted for months? Now, how would you feel if they bought you the watch, wrapped it beautifully, and attached a card saying, “I know how much you wanted this. You deserve only the best. Love, —-.”

You can decide the way in which you want to show thoughtfulness. It can be the gift itself, a handwritten note, or the way you’ve wrapped it. All of these add immense value to your gifts and will take you from the worst gift giver to the best gift giver.

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