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Best Fabrics For Fall

Bye-bye shorts and tanks! Hello sweaters! With fall in full swing, it’s finally time to start putting up those summer clothes. When it comes to choosing the best fabrics for fall, it can be a bit tricky. Fall typically means layering, sweaters, exchanging the silky textures for heavier ones, and leggings. Today I’ll share with you my top go to fabrics to welcome fall and stay comfortable yet stylish at the same time.


You can never go wrong with a chic leather jacket, especially when fall arrives. Last fall, I purchased an incredible leather jacket from JCPenny. It provides added warmth without the added weight, and gives you some serious confidence. The key to a good leather jacket is finding one that comes with easy care instructions. The one I purchased from JCPenny is machine washable, hang to dry. It’s leather on the outside with a soft cotton lining on the inside, perfect for a chilly fall day.


Cable Knit

Cable knit fabrics are a must have for fall. The majority of your cable knit fabrics are sweaters, cardigans, and tunics, and are comfy yet still fashionable enough to wear to work or out on the town.

Image Credit: Fashion2Fragrance

Image Credit: Fashion2Fragrance


Another must have fabric for fall is cotton. Cotton is versatile in that you can wear it during any season, but in the winter it is especially nice because you can use it for layering. A simple cotton tank top under that favorite sweater will add an extra layer of warmth. A simple cotton blouse or tunic is a nice addition for fall as well.

Image Credit: AliExpress

Image Credit: AliExpress

For fall fashion, it’s all about style and comfort. With the right fabrics, you can achieve a fashionable look that keeps you warm and comfortable.

What are your go to fabrics for fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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